Tusen Takk Stutteriet

Let’s start with the ending word: Tusen Takk Stutteriet!

Supposed to start at 18.30, the dinner was finally delayed to 19 due to preparation. Some of Les Baguettes, drunk after the beer mile earlier in the afternoon and usually strict with respecting hours, were a bit upset with that but the delay was consistent given the appearance of the Stutteriet kitchen. A perfectly dressed table surrounded by a bunch of sexy cross country skiers! Literally, all Norwegian culture was gathered in the Kitchen: Grandiosa, Palegg, fish oil, flags, Swix outfits, Oakley sunglasses, wonderful Norwegian girls (and boys from Kartellet!) and of course the smell of the typical FRIDAY TACO. 

After a nice welcome drink of which a non-neglectable quantity has been absorbed by the tablecloth, the dinner started with appetizers: salmon rolls and grandiosa. This first part of the meal went along with a full of praise culinary course about Norwegian food (even if we all know that you didn’t create the pizza you unfrost at every dinner, nor the tacos you consider your being your traditional food).

Before starting the Tacos properly, we enjoyed different songs from Norway and France. Of course no song was suggested by the Swiss couple because they are struggling a lot to have their own culture… We can keep in mind 3 songs : Mango IPA, Voulez-Vous and Le chanteur from Daniel Balavoine.

Even if we still wonder why Norwegians put crisps in their tacos instead of eating them for the appetizer as everybody does, the main dish had filled all the bellies up and it was time to go to the next step: the Olympic Norwegian-adapted games.

3 teams were randomly made up for the games: Kvikk Lunsj licorice lift, sandwich wrapper and shot guessing. The competition was intense, full of cheating and bad faith. We are still sceptical about the Norwegian technique to pack a sandwich, and our poor stomachs (or lungs) are still trying to digest the liquorice strings we had to swallow as fast as possible. 

For dessert, we had the chance to taste a typical Norwegian Pavlova before being interrupted by some frightening securitas guys and other strange animals bursting into the dining room. While the Stutteriet kitchen inhabitants were trying to save as many things as they could from the wave of people invading their flat, the music went louder and the disco ball turned on. Despite some “ut av vindu” attempts from Les Baguettes who were waiting for this moment from the beginning of the evening, nothing came out of the window. The party ended with a champagne shower and some dancing shows !


Les Baguettes