10MILA 27–28 April 2019 i Östra Göinge


10Mila 2019 will be arranged at Trollacenter in Glimåkra, Östra Göinge, 35 km north of Kristianstad, Skåne. The route is signposted from roads 19, 23 and 119. A bus stop is located in Glimåkra 1,000 m from the arena. The nearest railway station is in Osby for regional and local trains and Hässleholm for long distance trains. The nearest airport is Kristianstad Österlen Airport.



The competition area is very varied. There are both deciduous forests, pine forests, mixed forests, young forests and cultural landmarks. Marshes occur to the normal extent. A few (wide) streams flow through the area. The streams have sand or a rock bottom and they can even be passed next to the bridges. The amount of detail is normal. However, there are some areas of rocky terrain resembling the old quarries that were in operation earlier. A
quarry is still in operation. Around the old quarries, the level of detail is high. Linear features such as roads, paths, stone walls, streams, vegetation boundaries, etc. are present throughout the competition area to a normal extent.

Offset printed map with scale for all classes and distances 1:10,000, contour interval 5 metres. Survey and cartography 2018 by Br Kartrit from
laser-scanned base material according to the new map standard ISOM2017.



The competition area is moderately hilly. The northeast of the arena, “Trollabackarna”, is especially hilly.


The runnability is generally good, but there are some areas of forest of varying age that decrease the speed of the runners. Even in the
rocky areas, the runnability is worse. The visibility is good, but one and another smaller spruce can sometimes obscure visibility as well as some fallen trees.

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