FAQ – English

What is NTNUI Langrenn/ NTNUI Cross-country skiing?

NTNUI Langrenn is a subgroup of NTNUI. Our main sport is cross country skiing. Those parts of the year without snow our trainings consist of rollerskiing, running (with poles) and strength training.

Can I join NTNUI Cross Country?

Yes, if you are a student at NTNU. We recommend you to try out a training or two before signing up.

Is it possible to join the NTNU cross-country without any cross country skiing experience?

Unfortunately we have no beginner’s course. Members of NTNUI Langrenn are experienced cross country skiers participating in cross country competitions. If you have no cross country experience we would suggest more basic courses and training.

Can I borrow ski equipment from NTNUI Langrenn?

Unfortunately, we do not have any rental equipment. We recommend to contact NTNUI Bumerang who lends out equpiment for free: http://www.ntnuibumerang.no/

How do I sign up?

To become a member in NTNUI (in general) visit: https://ntnui.no/faq-2/

Where can I find the training plan?

You can find our training plan on the front page on our web site: https://org.ntnu.no/langrenn/

How does a normal training week look like?


Tuesday: Running intervals (with poles) e.g. 2 x 4min + 4 x 3min

Thursday:       Strength training (morning)

Rollerski intervals e.g. 5 x 8min

Saturday: Long run (2-4 hours) or intervals uphill with poles (5 x 8min)

Sunday: Long run or rollerski (2-5 hours)


Tuesday: Race / Cross-country competition in Bymarka (e.g 5/10km classic or skate)

Thursday: Ski intervals (e.g. 5x6min)

Saturday/Sunday: Races or long ski session (2-5 hour)