FAQ – English

What is NTNUI Langrenn/ NTNUI Cross-country skiing?

NTNUI Langrenn is a subgroup of NTNUI, and consist of around 200 members. Our main sport is cross country skiing, but in those parts of the year without snow, our trainings consist of rollerskiing, running, running with poles and strength training. We really love cross-country skiing!

Can I join NTNUI Cross Country?

Yes, we will love to!!! We recommend you to try out a training or two before signing up.

Is it possible to join the NTNU cross-country without any cross country skiing experience?

We have plans for a beginner course when the snow comes, probably in November or January. We recommend a ok level of skiing skills and balance to have fun with us. The members of NTNUI Langrenn are experienced cross country skiers participating in cross country competitions. If you have no cross country experience we would suggest more basic courses and training.

Can I borrow ski equipment from NTNUI Langrenn?

Unfortunately, we do not have any rental equipment. We recommend to contact NTNUI Bumerang who lends out equpiment for free: http://www.ntnuibumerang.no/

How do I sign up?

To become a member in NTNUI (in general) visit: https://ntnui.no/faq-2/

Where can I find the training plan?

You can find our training plan on the front page on our web site: https://org.ntnu.no/langrenn/

We will become better at writing in English;)

How does a normal training week look like?


Interval-Tuesday: Running intervals, sometimes with poles. Examples of types of interval: 2 x 4min + 4 x 3min. Often meet-up at 18:00/18:30

Strenght-Wedensday: Strength training at 08:00. Strength training takes place at Sit Gløshaugen. Valid Sit-membership is required here

Rollerski-Thursday: Two choices. Either slow rollerski (around 15 km) or intervall Rollerski intervals e.g. 5 x 8min.

Vassfjell-Saturday: Every Saturday we go to Vassfjellet in Melhus municipality. This is a drive of about 30 min. From here we run 5×8 min with / without poles as far up the hill as we get! A really fun session! We drive away together, and pay NOK 40 to the driver!

Long-Sunday: Long run or rollerski. All levels. Some of us goes for 5 hours, and most of us for 2,5 hours.


Tuesday: Race / Cross-country competition in Bymarka (e.g 5/10km classic or skate)

Wedensday: Streght at Sit-Gløshaugen

Thursday: Ski intervals (e.g. 5x6min)

Saturday: Intervalls or chill-session

Sunday: Long ski session (2-5 hour)

Throughout the year, we have a number of parties and gatherings, both to Meråker, Sweden, Lillehammer, Mora and Southern Europe. You are welcome to join this! We look forward to welcoming you!