Let’s celebrate summer solstice together (Gjøvik event)!

DION invites all temporary scientific staff and PhD students at NTNU Gjøvik and their families to celebrate summer solstice together!
June 23rd Eiktunet will open the doors for a traditional summerfest. There will be a fire, music, possibly some excursions and other activities, snacks and drinks. Check out more here: https://mjosmuseet.no/kalender/sankthansaften-2021.
Optionally we can do a short hike to Bergstoppen – the highest point in the area. Please register here before the deadline. The deadline for registration is until Thursday, 17th June, 13:00.
The number of tickets is limited! Earlier registrations will be given priority.

Source: mjosmuseet.no

Where: Eiktunet
17:00 – 20:00

Spring happy hour with DION (Gjøvik)!

We are back! DION invites all PhDs, Post Docs, and temporary staff at NTNU Gjøvik and their family members for an outdoor gathering next Wednesday afternoon (since the last one was canceled due to corona restrictions). There will be a cozy bonfire, together with light snacks and good company.

Where: Fagskolen (near Campus Arena Kallerud), Teknologivegen 12, 2815 Gjøvik.

When: Wednesday, 2nd of June, at 16:00

If you are planning to come, please let us know by registering here.

See you soon!

Celebrating Spring Equinox with a Bonfire

Spring is slowly taking over Norway. With this occasion, DION invites PhDs, PostDocs, and temporary staff at NTNU Gjøvik and their family members for an outdoor gathering next Wednesday afternoon (the 24th of March). There will be a cozy bonfire, together with hot beverages, light snacks, and good company. The event will take place at Organisasjonskollektivet, the black house on the small hill just beside G-building.

Please register here.

Invitation to visit the Winter park at Hunderfossen

NTNU Gjøvik and DION wants to invite all temporary scientific staff and family to a visit to the Winter park Friday 5th of March.

The Winter Park is described as “An unforgettable winter dream in the Fairy Tale Park for the whole family, with trolls, adventure, snow and ice. We have new spectacular snow and ice art, designed by professional ice artists. There is enjoyable entertainment, horse and sleigh rides, ice cathedral, snow hotel with ice bar, snow slides, mini snowmobiles, ATVs, radio cars and major indoor adventure attractions.”

You can read more about the activities on the Hunderfossen website. https://hunderfossen.no/en/hunderfossen-vinterpark/

Join us for an adventurous and magical visit in the winter wonderland and a drink of warm or cold non-alcohol drink in King Valemons Ice bar!

A bus will take us from campus at 16:30, and return from Hunderfossen ca 20:15 after the fireworks. Please give feedback in the registration for if you want to take the bus or arrange your own transport.

As there are limited of tickets, register as soon as possible and within 26th of February.

Register here.

If you have any questions, please contact anne.kvitle@ntnu.no

Hope to see you at the Winter Park!