Illness and absence

Illness and sick leave

As an NTNU employee, sick leaves and absences areregulated by law.

If you are unwell or unable to work, you must inform your immediate leader at your department or faculty as soon as possible.

Short sick leave

If you’ve been employed for less than 2 months, you will need to provide a certificate from your doctor for any sick leave regardless of the length.

After these first two months and for sick leaves under 8 days, you do not necessarily need a medical certifiate. You can use a self-certified sick leave (up to 24 days per 12 months period), to register in Paga when you return to work.

You can find further information on how to report an absence on Innsida.

Longer sick leave

Above 8 days of absence, you will need a certificate from your doctor.

The process to follow depends on the duration of the sick leave. You can find further information about this on Innsida.

Other leave of absence

Your employment contract may state your rights or duties regarding leave of absence, children, military service, illness, etc. In that case, you have to use this as your reference. However, there are some minimum requirements under Norwegian law that cannot be removed from the employment contract. You can find further information about the different types of leaves employees are entitled to and the step to follow on Innsida

Extension of contract due to absence

If you are sick for 14 consecutive calendar days (or more) or under certain leaves (e.g. parental leave, childbirth, care for a close relative), you may apply for an extension to your employment contract. The extension should cover the days from day 1 of the sick leave.  

If you apply for an extension at the end of you degree, you should be able to argue that you will be able to finish within the extension time, otherwise your application might be rejected.

For more information about extension, contact your manager or your HR-department.

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