The Board

DION board 2018/2019

Elected at the DION annual meeting, 19 April 2018:

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Position Name Faculty-Department
President Angelina Penner HF-KULT
Vice President Tor Anders Bye SU-ISS
Board member Elodie Besnier SU-ISS
Board member Lisa Tietze NV-IBT
Board member Erland Årstøl NV-IBT
Board member Mattia Veroni IE-IIK
Board member Masab Khalid Annaqeeb IV-EPT
Board member Davit Gigilashvili IE-IDI

Faculty Key:

AD: Faculty of Architecture and Design
MH Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
HF: Faculty of Humanities
IE: Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
IV: Faculty of Engineering
NV: Faculty of Natural Sciences
SU: Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences
ØK Faculty of Economics and Management