• Pride Walk and debate on “Queer in academia”  
  • Foraging trip for edible plants and mushrooms
  • Board Game Night  
  • Nidar factory visiting  
  • Mental health workshop (co-hosted with Sit)  
  • Tekna Seminar
  • Yoga and meditation (co-hosted with Fritidhus) .
  • Lunch seminar: occupational health (co-hosted with BHT)
  • Scientific presentation workshop with Michael P. Alley  
  • Pint of Science Festival 
  • Werewolves Night
  • Young Researcher’s Night
  • Cage ball event


  • Yoga day
  • Sauna
  • Climbing event with Trident
  • Bybadet event
  • Kriya Yoga meditation


  • Quick Night and Pizza in Gjøvik
  • Board Game Evening
  • Skibladner Trip
  • Mental Health Awareness workshops
  • Share your culture!
  • Visit to Kistefos Museum
  • Seminar with Forskerforbundet “Nordic model and role of the unions”
  • Secret Santa

All Campuses

  • DION Photo Contest
  • Workshop on Scientific Presentations with Michael P. Alley
  • Occupational Health lunch seminars
  • Mental health lunch seminars with SiT