OK Computer

Being a researcher in the digital era

On the 12th June 2019, the event “OK Computer: Being a researcher in the digital era” was organised with the support of the DION Grants.

With the research community and stakeholders constantly urging us to collaborate with others and disseminate research, being a researcher in the digital era is a complicated, often frustrating, demanding job. Additionally, thinking about how to use technology, which technology to use and when often becomes an additional ‘to-do-thing’, normally adopted as the project develops.

By thinking of technology as a mean for maximizing and facilitating our research capacities and as a ‘way of thinking’ rather than as a tool per se, in this seminar, we will talk about using technology during all stages of conducting a research project – be that, a peer-reviewed paper, data collection, analysis etc.

Henrik Karlstrøm, Senior Advisor at NTNU University Library, led the discussion through examples regarding Open Access, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ practices when it comes to implementing technology for research, project management and project space.

You can find Henrik Karlstrøm’s presentation at this link.

Temporary employment at NTNU

Tips and tricks of the trade

On Wednesday, 29th of May, Tekna NTNU and DION organized a free seminar for all temporary employees at NTNU Gjøvik. The 24 attendees had an opportunity to learn more about DION activities, the rights of temporary employees and challenges related to temporary employment, as well as about the role of trade unions and particularly Tekna NTNU. The audience had an opportunity to chat with Tekna NTNU and DION representatives and to get answers to their questions.

The presentations from DION and Tekna can be found below:

How to Pitch your Research Story to

a Non-Academic Audience

On the 13th of May, the workshop “How to Pitch your Research Story to a Non-Academic Audience” – supported by the 2019 DION Grants – presented how PhDs and postdocs can make their research visible and edutaining.

The presentations NRK and NTNU can be found below:

Stoic Principles for a Healthy Academic Life

On Tuesday, 7th of May 2019 the event “Stoic Principles for a Healthy Academic Life” was organized with the support of the DION Grants.

Did you know that PhD and master’s students have up to six times higher rates of anxiety and depression? In their enlightening seminar, Logan Vallandingham (PhD Candidate) and Jonathan Pinckney (Post-Doc) presented some techniques and principles of Stoicism to help improve mental well-being and productivity.

12 DION members attended the event. The attendees participated in a free discussion and enjoyed social atmosphere with free snacks and lunch.