DION collaborates locally and nationally on both specific issues and general questions.

DION is a member of Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge (SiN, Facebook page), a network of doctoral organizations in Norway.

DION collaborates with the labour unions Forskerforbundet (Norwegian Association of Research Workers) and Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals) in issues regarding wages and working conditions, mostly locally, but also on a national level. In general we call on PhD candidates to become members in a labour union, for their own benefit. In addition to being heard in debates and access to advice and assistance, the labour unions have agreements with other companies which result in valuable discounts on e.g. insurances. The member fee in the unions are lower for PhD candidates than ordinary members.

DION also works with faculty board representatives to discuss issues relevant to our members at the faculty level. We coordinate with faculty administration to participate in events for new PhD students.

It is important that PhD candidates influence the labour unions through their own systems, so that we are given priority and can give demands for higher wages before the negotiations. PhD candidates are rarely heard in local negotiations. (It has happened, however!) So the national wage settlements are important. Research and higher education has been and will be in focus in future pay settlements, so help yourself and your fellow candidates by joining the labour unions.