Join us for a hike to Eiktunet! (Gjøvik)

Dion invites all PhDs, Post Docs and temporary scientific staff at NTNU Gjøvik to join a hike to Eiktunet, organized by the culture and welfare group of NTNU employees (members from ID, IDI and the library).

Finally, it is time to meet  your colleagues  from all over campus 


Monday 27th of September at 14:15 


We meet on the lawn outside the Smaragd building 


We will walk together in groups from campus following the route shown on the map below. 

When we arrive at Eiktunet, we will have a snack and something to drink – prepared by Sit cafeteria.  Because of this we need you to register your attendance and your food preferences (if any). 

We haven’t planned any activities at Eiktunet, but feel free to stay for a chat with your colleagues. 

Registration form

Please register within the deadline 16th of September. 

Important information 

  • Please be prepared for all kinds of weather (although we hope for sun, let’s be realistic and be prepared for rain), dress accordingly Remember good shoes, as the walk will take about an hour (one way) and it is uphill most of the time in different terrain (asphalt/gravel road/forest). 
  • We will have to consider the Covid-19 situation, hence, a risk of cancelling if the situation doesn’t allow to go through with it.  

Going back 

You can walk back to campus/city centre, or you can take the bus from Øverby/Eiktunet. (The bus ride takes about 30 min back to campus). We encourage you to use a facemask on the bus. 

Departure from Øverby/Eiktunet with the bus B42: 











Map for the hike

Yoga and Meditation workshops in Trondheim

DION and TMY are inviting all PhDs, Post-Docs and temporal scientific staff at NTNU Trondheim for free Yoga and Meditation workshops organized by Trondheim Meditasjon & Yoga center.

Yoga workshop

Yoga gives us a space of inner peace, where we can let go of the daily worries and just relax. This is a very ancient practice that combines body postures, the breath and a focused mind to create an inner state of mindfulness, peace and well-being.

DION and TMY have joined to offer you a workshop where you can experience a simple but deep practice of yoga, which will be good for beginners. You will also have the opportunity to taste healthy vegetarian snacks and get to know people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Where: Erling Skakkes gate 3, 2nd floor, 7013 Trondheim
When: Thursday, 16th September at 16:00
Language: English
Cost: Free =)

Welcome =)

Yoga for Inner Peace | Workshop for PhDs and Post-Docs (

Meditation workshop

Maybe you have experienced stress and anxiety related to your job or academic performance? How can we experience inner peace, even in stressful situations?

DION and TMY have joined to offer you a course with simple and effective meditation practices for stress management which can be applied by everyone, anytime and anywhere.

In this workshop, you will:
– learn what are the main causes of stress and how to remain peaceful in stressful situations
– practice various meditation techniques (guided meditation, breathing meditation, sound meditation)
– have the opportunity to ask questions you might have about what is meditation
– taste homemade vegetarian snacks
– get to know like-minded people

Where: Erling Skakkes gate 3, 2nd floor, 7013 Trondheim
When: Tuesday, 21st September at 18:00
Language: English & Norwegian
Cost: Free =)

Welcome =)

Meditation for Stress Management | Workshop for Phds and Post-Docs (

DION online Zumba event

Do you love to dance or exercise? DION welcomes you to an online Zumba class with a certified Zumba teacher Khanun JM! 🙂

Zumba – is a mix of aerobics and Latin dance moves. All you need to join the class is the internet and a little space in your room. You can join from everywhere, even if you are on vacation.

The class will be held on this Thursday 15.07 at 18:30 via zoom.

Please login between 6:15 – 6:30. The larger your screen the better. You can use your laptop or connect your computer to your TV screen if you have the capability. Test ahead of time so that you are ready by the day of the training.

Zoom link for joining:

Let’s celebrate summer solstice together (Gjøvik event)!

DION invites all temporary scientific staff and PhD students at NTNU Gjøvik and their families to celebrate summer solstice together!
June 23rd Eiktunet will open the doors for a traditional summerfest. There will be a fire, music, possibly some excursions and other activities, snacks and drinks. Check out more here:
Optionally we can do a short hike to Bergstoppen – the highest point in the area. Please register here before the deadline. The deadline for registration is until Thursday, 17th June, 13:00.
The number of tickets is limited! Earlier registrations will be given priority.


Where: Eiktunet
17:00 – 20:00