Mobility and Research stays

Prepare your mobility

While your faculty may have more specific guidelines for research stays, there are a few general guidelines and resources you can use help you plan short research visits or longer research stays:

  • NTNU page on outgoing mobility: while this page was designed specifically for PhD candidates it includes a number of resrouces post-docs and temporary scientific staff
  • Innsida page on sabbatical includes checklists and useful contacts that can help you plan your research stay

Remember to contact your human resources department and for PhD candidates, your doctoral education contact point at your faculty.

Research stay at NTNU

DION is not involved in arranging research stays. To arrange a research stay at NTNU, one course of action would be to contact the faculty representatives, visit faculty and research programme websites for contact information, or to contact relevant professors directly.


If you are hired on a university scholarship, you can apply to your own department.

Other options include:

  • The Research Council of Norway (NFR).
  • If you are travelling within the European Union, you can apply for an EU scholarship (e.g. Erasmus +).

Further information on funding for research can be found on Innsida.


Travel insurance

You have the right to obtain travel insurance according to the agreement between NTNU or SINTEF and Diners Club (or EuroCard). However, you have to get a Eurocard Card and pay the trip with this card. (This is only applicable for candidates employed by NTNU or SINTEF.) Contact your local administration for more information.

Travel invoice and reimbursement

All travel invoices should be uploaded electronically through NTNU-Paga. The administrative employees at your department or faculty will help if you are in need of assistance. Further information on how to claim reimbursement for travel expenses can be found on Innsida.

Further resources