Research stay

Application for a PhD at NTNU

DION is not involved in the PhD application process. To apply for a PhD you can search for an open position or try to get in contact with a supervisor directly. Positions are announced as they are available, during the entire year. Open positions are announced on the university webpage, and are also available at

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Generally, DION must warn you to make sure you get an employment contract when you start your work. Don’t accept promises from a professor without any written documentation and guarantee from the department or faculty. Occationaly, foreign visitors promised a position have had to leave the university because things were not settled properly.

Research stay at NTNU

DION is not involved in arranging research stays. To arrange a research stay, one course of action would be to contact the faculty representatives, visit faculty and research programme websites for contact information, or to contact relevant professors directly.

Travelling from NTNU to visit other universities

There are a lot of forms and much information to consider on this topic. Some of it only applies to Norwegian citizens. If you are in this situation and are unable to read the Norwegian internet page on this subject, you should ask someone in the department administration for help.

Travel funds

If you are hired on a university scholarship, you should apply to your own department. Another option is the Research Council of Norway (NFR). Another possibility is the The Fund of the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

If you want to visit a Nordic country, you can apply to NordForsk for support. Look at NordForsk’s website to see the duration of support and other conditions.

If you are travelling within the European Union, you can apply for an EU scholarship (Marie Curie or TARI). Consult the international section at NTNU about this.

Travel agreements

Visit innsida for more information.