Follow-up of the Mental Health Awareness Week

In November 2020, DION organized and supported a series of events across campuses to raise awareness about the mental health of PhDs, post-docs, and temporary scientific staff at NTNU. This week included seminars regarding the services at NTNU, practical workshops providing guidance on how to manage stress, meditation and fitness techniques that can improve our overall well-being. You can find the links and information provided during the weeks below.

In addition, be sure to follow our, as we posted further information and tips on our social media channels #MHAwarenessWeek.

Useful links

Occupational Health Services at NTNU

Tips on how to set up your office so protect your health:

Coperio Center

Besides the services offered by OHS at NTNU, employees at NTNU can contact the Coperio Center (external center) for psychological help (for NTNU to cover the cost, you need a signature from your manager). THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE SERVICES OFFERED BY OHS:

Courses and training for your mental and physical health

  • Physical exercise is good for your body and for your mind. Remember to exercise 30 min a day, 5 days a week! NTNU employees can also exercise 1 hr./ week during their workday. Find out about physical health and training at NTNU here:
  • These Innsida channels will keep you informed of upcoming physical activities for staff: Trening for NTNU-ansatte ; Trening for ansatte NTNU i Gjøvik; Trening for ansatte NTNU i Ålesund
  • NTNU CERG has developed a number of evidence-based exercise programs to help improve your health and fitness:
  • In Gjøvik, employees of NTNU can make an appointment for a free massage. Masseur Svein Erik Hagen visits NTNU in Gjøvik every Wednesday between 07.30 and 13. Send SMS to +47 40 40 10 67 for booking.
  • Other options for mental health and stress management:
    • labor unions organize classes for their member. Check your unions’ news update
    • Courses from SiT (both mental and physical health): ;

DION Christmas baking photo competition

Dates: 1st-15th December 2020

Are you an avid baker? A true Great British Bakeoff contestant? Or more of a “Nailed it” finalist? Whether you’re a grand chef or an amateur baker looking forward to the Christmas season, the DION Christmas baking photo competition is made for you!

Here is how it works:

– Bake something Christmassy (e.g. Gingerbread creation, Lussekake, Christmas cookie tower, typical holiday season cake)

– Take a picture of it and post it on social media by Dec. 15th, 2020, tagging DION (@DION.NTNU on facebook and @ntnu.dion on Instagram) and the hashtag #DIONXmasBake

– The picture can be posted on either Facebook or Instagram

– The picture that gets the most likes wins and its baker gets a gift card for Christmas.

All PhDs, postdocs and temporary scientific employees at NTNU can participate. We will announce the winner right before the holidays.

So on your mark… get set… BAKE!!!!!!!

Christmas Movie Night at Cinemateket Trondheim

Date: 12th December 2020
Time: 6:00 pm
Christmas is almost here, and DION is inviting all PhDs, Postdocs, temporary scientific employees, along with their families, on a movie night at Cinemateket! The movie is A Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic and a cult favorite!
The event is free, and you can bring as many members of your family as you like, as long as you register here
The Nightmare Before Christmas | The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster | EMP
Source: Google Images
The venue follows safety restrictions, and we advise you to follow social distancing guidelines and stay home if you have any symptoms.

Mental Health Awareness Week

As people working in academia, we often encounter situations that are highly stressful and anxiety-inducing, and oftentimes we tend to neglect the impact it has on our mental health. The topic is not commonly brought up for discussion, and there is a negative perception about seeking help in these situations. We have all been there, and can attest to the general lack of information about the resources and ways to resolve or care for our mental well-being.

So this November, join us for a week dedicated to your mental health and wellbeing. From Nov. 16th till 20th, DION will organize and support a series of events across campuses to raise awareness about the mental health of PhDs, post-docs, and temporary scientific staff at NTNU. This week will contain seminars regarding the services at NTNU, practical workshops providing guidance on how to manage stress, meditation and fitness techniques that can improve our overall well-being. In addition, be sure to follow our social media channels, as we will be posting some useful information and tips as well.

Click here to download the full Programme

Click here to register for the events

Here is the summary of the events happening:


Day 1: MINDFUL MONDAY (16th November)

FULLY BOOKED – Online event, 10:00 – 12:00: Mental health workshop “Work-life balance: A mental health approach”. Description here.

Trondheim – Kalvskinnet, Akrinn L404, 16:00 – 17:00: “OHS presenting the services available at NTNU”; The event will be streamed for the other NTNU campuses.



Trondheim – Gløshaugen Idrett Sal 4, 12:00-13:00: “Strength building class”

Gjøvik -Gneiss G303, 13:30 – 14:45: “Yoga for Grounding and Stress Relief”



Trondheim – EL4, Gløshaugen,17:00 – 18:30: “Meditation workshop”

Gjøvik -Eureka 1/3, 11:30 – 14:00: “OHS presenting the services available locally in Gjøvik”.



Trondheim – Gløshaugen Kjelhuset KJL4, 17:00 – 18:00: “Workshop on stress management”.

Gjøvik – Kobolt K105, 12:00 -13:00: “Tolerance, understanding, peace of mind”; The event will be streamed for the other NTNU campuses.



TrondheimGløshaugen Realfagbygget R3, 17:30 – 19:30: “Improvisation workshop”.


Day 6: FEEL GOOD Saturday

Gjøvik – NTNU A Building (starting point), 12:00: Walk to Eiktunet along with coffee and waffles at Eiktunet Cafe


Corona safety measures, valid for all events:

* DION is following national and NTNU’s infection control guidelines to ensure that our events can take place in a safe environment for speakers and participants. As the situation is evolving quickly, certain events may be moved online or cancelled. Those registered will be informed of any such changes by email.

* All participants will be pre-registered to the events (using google forms/social media).

* All participants showing up at the event need to check-in the rooms, using NTNU check-in system.

* The seating will be arranged so that a minimum of 1 meter distance is preserved between the attendees.

* Disinfectant and masks will be made available for the participants before entering the rooms and after exiting.

* All snacks will be served in individual wraps.

Hurry up: register for a seminar on the working culture in Norway

NTNUs International Researcher Support (NIRS) invites the international academics to the seminar/course “Working with Norwegians”.


Date: Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 16:30

Duration approx. 4,5 h.


This will be an online seminar (more information after the deadline)


Limited places. Registration is required, please contact: Iuliana Hussein ( Please specify your name and affiliation with NTNU.

Deadline for registration 23 October 2020. You will receive a confirmation and a link to the meeting after the deadline.


Course description:

Would you ever play chess without knowing the rules? Being in Norway without awareness of the cultural codes is like playing chess without knowing the rules, you might make mistakes.


“Working with Norwegians” is a course that will help you crack the hidden codes of Norwegian workplaces and social life. It explains how Norwegians think and act in different situations, both at the university, in a business setting and at home. It highlights typical scenarios in which cultural differences come to the surface, and you will learn what Norwegians expect from you.


The aim of this training is to make you more confident on how to behave in Norway and to reduce the risk of cultural misunderstandings. Typical feedback from these sessions is that misunderstandings and mistakes made in the past could have been avoided if they had participated earlier.


The course is conducted by Karin Ellis (CEO of Ellis Culture)