Seminars by Tekna and DION

Tekna NTNU and DION are happy to announce three seminars for your faculty on October 10th and 11th in Trondheim (info for Ålesund and Gjøvik below) dealing with aspects of temporarily employment at NTNU. This workshop is relevant for both PhD candidates, post doctors and others with a temporary scientific employment.  

The workshop will deal with working at Norwegian universities compared to other sectors, and give tips and tricks on what to expect when temporarily employed at NTNU. 

Both Tekna NTNU and DION will present how we can help you if you ever run into problems or dilemmas during your time here, and what to be aware of as a temporary employee. 

Light refreshments will be served. 

The workshop is open to all temporary employees at the IV, IE and NV, even if you are not a member of Tekna.

There are a limited number of seats, so please sign up as soon as possible here:

10th of October, 16.00 – 19.00, IV Faculty: 

11th of October, 10.00 – 13.00, IE Faculty:

11th of October, 16.00 – 19.00, NV Faculty:

Or use the following QR code:

More info about the seminars is available on the links.

Ålesund: The last workshop (11th of October at 16.00) will be streamed to Ålesund, and you can gather together in the auditorium Åse (opposite the cantina). Light refreshments will be served. A local Tekna and DION representatives will be present there to watch the seminar with you and answer your questions. Please use the sign up form provided above and specify explicitly that you are in Ålesund. 

Gjøvik: The seminar in Gjøvik will be held at the end of November (preliminary date 24th of November). More information will follow!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

The Novartis Career Day (Trondheim)

Dear colleagues,

DION would like to invite all PhD students and postdocs within the field of life science to the Novartis career day!

Novartis, in collaboration with DION, has the pleasure of inviting you to show how they as a global pharmaceutical company work to make a difference to patients. After the presentation there will be something to eat and mingling.

  • Speaker: Kim Stiberg, Phd; Medisinsk Rådgiver
  • When: September 15, 2022; 16:00-18:00
  • Where: Kunnskapssenteret St.Olavs, rom KS11

Here is the event’s agenda:

  • 16:15-16:25: Introduction by DION
  • 16:25-17:00: Breaking into the pharmaceutical industry
  • 17:00-17:15: Q&A
  • 17:15-17:45: Novartis, Reimagining Medicine
  • 17:45-18:00: Q&A
  • 18:00-   Food, refreshments, and mingling
Please use the QR code in the attached poster to sign up for the event! Novartis bedriftspresentasjon studenter 15 september 2022 A4 plakat FINAL

PhD Career Day with Novartis

DION invites PhD-students and Postdocs within life-sciences to the Career Day by Novartis to show how Novartis as a global pharmaceutical company works to make a difference to patients.

When? 15. june 2022; 16:00-18:00
Where?  Kunnskapssenteret St.Olavs, rom KS12

16:15-16:25:      Introduction by DION
16:25-17:00:      Breaking into the pharmaceutical industry
17:00-17:15:      Q&A
17:15-17:45:      Novartis, Reimagining Medicine
17:45-18:00:      Q&A
18:00-            Food, Refreshments and mingling

Please use the QR code in the attached poster to sign up for the event!

Novartis bedriftspresentasjon studenter 15 juni 2022 A4 plakat FINAL.pdf

Foraging course with DION (Trondheim)

DION would like to invite you to a foraging course!

In the pristine Norwegian forest, there is so much to experience. Despite the fact that we like to explore nature, we do not fully understand the fragility and exciting life of the different ecosystems. Most people have very limited knowledge about mushrooms, edible plants, seaweed, and sustainable harvesting.

Through a lecture and a tour by an expert from Boreal Forest you will increase your knowledge about sustainable and safe foraging. There are two dates you can attend the course. Please sign up only for one of these dates.

The price is 350 NOK (The original course price is 450 NOK, DION will pay 100 NOK for you!).

The number of places is limited: 30 participants, 15 for each course, so hurry up! 

Registration is open until Wednesday (18th of May) at 10am.

4th of June (Saturday) 10.00 – 12.30

Please use this form to sign up:

13th of June (Monday) 17.00 – 19.30

Please use this form to sign up:

Bowling event (Gjøvik)

Spring is coming and it is time for a fun family-friendly event. So, DION invites all Gjøvik-based PhDs, Postdocs, temporary scientific employees at NTNU for a Bowling night at Bowling 1 Gjøvik. The Bowling will be followed by yummy pizza to compensate burnt calories.
It will be the last event organized by DION before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and DION board election! Gjøvik needs new candidates and if you have any questions regarding that, don’t miss this opportunity! Join us and we’ll be there to answer your questions.

Please forward this invitation to your colleagues, in particular, those have been recently joined NTNU-Gjøvik family.

Please note that the event is free for the FIRST 30 REGISTREES ONLY and family members are welcome to join as well. But, latecomers and unregistered participants are welcome to join at their own expense.
Hurry up and register for the event!

To join please register here.

Follow our event on Facebook for further updates.

The lanes are booked from 16:00 sharp.
When: Saturday, 26th March at 4pm
Where: Bowling 1 Gjøvik, Trondhjemsvegen