Delta i spørreundersøkelse for yngre forskere / Participate in survey for young researchers

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Hvordan er det å være ung forsker i Norge i dag?

Akademiet for yngre forskere (AYF) er en tverrfaglig møteplass for yngre forskere fra hele landet. Akademiets visjon er å være en tydelig stemme i faglig og forskningspolitisk debatt, foruten en pådriver for nyskapende forskningsformidling og en attraktiv vitenskapelig debattarena.

Arbeidsvilkår under debatt

For tiden er unge forskeres karriere og arbeidsvilkår under debatt. AYF ønsker å vite mer om hvordan unge forskere opplever forskningshverdagen og gjennomfører derfor en spørreundersøkelse.

De som kan delta er forskere som er yngre enn 45 år ansatt ved en norsk institusjon.

Undersøkelsen inneholder spørsmål om:

  • hvordan du opplever å være ung forsker i Norge
  • hvordan du ser på dine karrieremuligheter og -utfordringer
  • ditt forhold til forskningskvalitet og åpen forskning
  • internasjonalisering og mangfold i akademia

Les mer og delta i undersøkelsen:


Har du spørsmål, ta kontakt med Kathrine Røe Redalen (, prosjektleder i Akademiet for yngre forskere.


Participate in survey for young researchers

What is it like to be a young researcher in Norway today?

The Young Academy of Norway is an interdisciplinary meeting place for young researchers from all over the country. The Academy’s vision is to be a clear voice in academic and research policy debate, as well as a driving force for innovative research dissemination and an attractive arena for scientific debate.

Working conditions under debate

Currently, young researchers’ career and working conditions are under discussion. The Young Academy wants to know more about how young researchers experience their work day and is therefore conducting a survey.

Researchers under the age of 45 who are employed at a Norwegian institution can participate in the survey.

The survey contains questions about:

  • How you experience being a young researcher in Norway
  • How you consider your career opportunities and challenges
  • Your relationship with research quality and open research
  • Internationalization and diversity in academia

Read more and participate in the survey:


If you have any questions, please contact Kathrine Røe Redalen (, project leader at the Young Academy.

DION and NTNU LGBTQ+ staff network in the PRIDE parade

DION and NTNU LGBTQ+ staff network invites all NTNU employees to walk with us in this year’s PRIDE parade.

PRIDE is festival held each year celebrating diversity, equality and LGBT rights. The parade will be held Saturday September 15th, and start from Trondheim Katedralskole. The parade starts moving at 12.30, but will start organizing from 11.30 and onwards. After the parade, there will be a paradeshow.

This year DION and NTNU LGBTQ+ will be will be placed together in the parade.

For more information about the festival and parade see:

Link to our Facebook event:

Family Picnic with DION!

DION are happy to invite you to a family-friendly picnic at beautiful Korsvika. Bring your family – or the kid within you – to enjoy some food and games by the sea.

When and where: 26 August at 13:00–16:00, Korsvika, Trondheim

This is a great opportunity for you as a PhD, postdoc or temporary scientific employee to meet your colleagues across NTNU, and for your offspring have a fun day out! We will provide some hot and cold beverages and snacks. We will also bring some games that are easy to learn and fun regardless of age, such as the Viking game of “kubb” and the very Trondheimian “basse”. Please bring whatever you would like to eat and a blanket or something to sit on.

When you arrive Korsvika you will recognize us by the DION-shirts. We will also keep you posted where we set up base. Feel free to arrive and leave whenever suits you!

As August can bring both beautiful summer days as well as terrible rainy ones, the event is weather dependent, so please pay attention to possible rescheduling.

We hope you will come and enjoy some last bits of summer with us!

Follow up the event on Facebook:

Debate «The postdoc dilemma – when to stay and when to leave academia?»

The Young Academy of Norway arranges a debate «The postdoc dilemma – when to stay and when to leave academia?».

May 23 at 20:00 in Klubben, Samfundet.

The panel discussion will be held in English and will address different topics and challenges related to the “postdoc career path”. How can you best navigate in and out of academia? How are you to balance between expectations inside and outside academia and for how long? When is it time to let go?

The event is free of charge and useful not only for postdocs, but also for PhDs. The president of DION, Nina Røkkum, will moderate the debate. Read more about the program and register here: