DION Grants 2017-2018

DION is happy to announce a new round of support grants for educational and/or social activities for our members at NTNU! All DION members are eligible to apply for a grant (up to 4000 NOK) to cover expenses related to organizing activities that create opportunities for PhD students and post-docs to network, learn, and enrich their experience at NTNU. Six grants will be given to a total sum of 16000 NOK. Two larger grants at 4000 NOK each and 4 smaller grants at 2000 NOK each.
DION will give preference to applications which are targeted towards an open audience. Applications for the exclusive benefit of one department or faculty will still be accepted but applications that are accessible for all DION members will be prioritized.

The deadline for sending the application is 30th October, 2017. Applications will be evaluated by DION board members. Funding should be used prior to the AGM in May 2018. You can apply via this google form:


Last year’s successful grant applicants were:

1. Dimitra Anastasopoulou // Support for new social activities for PhD students at NTNU-Gjøvik
2. Ray Pritchard // Meet-and-greet potluck Christmas party for the newly fused Faculty for Architecture and Design
3. France Rose Hartline // Critical Gender Salon geared towards PhDs and post-docs in Trondheim
4. Aleksandra Lang and Geertje ter Maat // Annual cross-country skiing outing for PhD students, organized by Institutt for geologi og bergteknikk PhD Social Committee
5. Eivind Bøe Drejer // PhD Career Day for the Department of Biotechnology

Apply or forward to those who might be interested!

A new DION board is elected!

The DION board for 2017-2018 got elected at the Annual General Meeting 10 May, Klubben Samfundet.

The new board members are:

Ingvild Firman Fjellså (president)
Enrico Riccardi
Maria Hesjedal
Ray Pritchard
Alexander Busch
Olena Meleshko
Edgar Lopez
Ankit Aggarwal

The Annual General Meeting was a success with over 87 attendees. The meeting was also streamed so that it was able to follow the meeting from Gjøvik and Ålesund. The former DION board wants to thank everyone for the participation!

The new and the old board at the Annual General Meeting. (Edgar Lopez, Enrico Riccardi and Alexander Busch was not present at the meeting).

Board election information

Election of the 2017-2018 DION Board will take place during the Annual General Meeting 10. May at Klubben, Samfundet (Facebook event). Attendees can vote at the AGM, and those not present at the AGM can vote by email once all board candidates have been presented. A list of all candidates will be posted on our homepage, Facebook, and Innsida during the AGM. Once the list is posted, votes for board members can be emailed (from NTNU email addresses) to kine.sørli [at] ntnu.no. Each person can vote for up to 7 candidates for the board. Voting will close at kl 18.50. Please check this space again for the list of candidates to be posted on 10. May evening.

The meeting will be available on stream here:

We look forward to your participation in the DION 2017 Annual General Meeting!

Summons AGM 10 May 2017

2017 DION Annual Report

DION_Proposal of legislative amendment

Election for the 2017-2018 DION Board!

DION Board elections will take place at our 2017 Annual General Meeting, 10. May 5-7pm at Klubben, Samfundet.
See the Facebook event and register here.

Summons and agenda are attached at the bottom of this post.

All PhD students, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees are eligible to run for a DION board position!

The DION Board consists of 5 to 8 members who serve for 12 months (until spring 2018). DION is the only organization at NTNU which represents PhDs and post-docs from across the university. We hold monthly board meetings and discuss wide-ranging questions we receive from PhD students, post-docs, institutes, and the NTNU Board.

Send us a message at post@dion.ntnu.no if you’d like to join next year’s DION Board, or if you have any questions.

This is an opportunity to be a leader in the NTNU community and get insight into how the university works. DION is invited to various university events throughout the year and presents at faculties’ introduction seminars for new PhD students. We therefore strive to have the broadest range of disciplines represented on the board to bring diverse perspectives to our discussions.

The election will take place at our Annual General Meeting. To be eligible, board members must have a contract through spring 2018 and receive a one month paid extension of the PhD (or one month paid duty work). The DION president receives two months paid extension/duty work. (Forskrift om stipendiater ved NTNU, §2)

NB: If you cannot join the Annual General Meeting, you are still eligible! Send us some info on yourself (academic area, background, motivation, etc.) and a photo, so we can present your information alongside the other candidates.


Nytt DION-styre velges!

Alle stipendiater, post-doc og midlertidige vitenskapelige ansatte er velkommen til å stille!

DION-styret består av 5 til 8 medlemmer som har verv i 12 måneder (fram til våren 2018). DION (Doktorgradskandidatenes interesseorganisasjon ved NTNU) er den eneste organisasjonen som representerer stipendiater og post-doc’er for hele universitetet. Vi avholder månedlige styremøter og diskuterer ulike spørsmål vi tar imot fra stipendiater, post-doc’er, institutter, fakulteter og NTNU-styret.

Send gjerne en e-post til post@dion.ntnu.no hvis du har lyst å bli med i det nye DION-styret, eller dersom du har noen spørsmål.

Dette er en nyttig ledelseserfaring som gir innblikk i hvordan universitetet fungerer på alle nivå. DION inviteres til diverse arrangementer ved universitetet, og presenterer på f.eks. introduksjonsseminarer ved ulike fakulteter. Siden det er viktig å sikre perspektiver fra flere disipliner ønsker vi å ha et DION-styre som er bredt representert med styremedlemmer fra mange ulike fakultet.

Styrevalget finner sted på vårt årsmøte (AGM). Styremedlemmer må være ansatt fram til minst vår 2018 og får én måneds forlengelse av PhDen (eller én måneds pliktarbeid) betalt av NTNU. DION-leder får to måneder. (Forskrift om stipendiater ved NTNU, §2)?

NB: Hvis du ikke kan være tilstede på AGM kan du stille på papir. Det du trenger å gjøre er å sende inn litt info om deg (fagområdet, bakgrunn, motivasjon, osv.) samt et bilde, slik at vi kan vise dette på årsmøtet. Du er da valgbar av de som er tilstede på årsmøtet.

Summons AGM 10 May 2017

2017 DION Annual Report

2017 DION Annual Report

DION_Proposal of legislative amendment