DION Annual Report 2022-2023

DION is happy to share with you our annual report DION_annual_report_2022_2023.pdf !

Our board period has been incredibly active, and we are proud to present the highlights:

Over the past year, DION hosted and co-hosted a total of 49 events across all three NTNU campuses. We also assisted in 28 inquiries and 31 requests regarding event proposals for temporary scientific employees at NTNU. Moreover, we were able to fund 11 grants and gave 13 presentations across several faculties to make DION more visible and accessible to temporary scientific employees.

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Norwegian Language course by NTNU at Ålesund and Gjøvik campuses

We at DION have prepared a short questionnaire about your experience of the Norwegian language course run – remotely – by NTNU at Ålesund and Gjøvik campuses. We are trying to find a way to help the university to run this course at its best for these two campuses. If you are attending or have attended the NTNU Norwegian language course, we truly appreciate your feedback about your experience by filling out this questionnaire by March 20th. Please find below the link to the questionnaire:  


DION Grant Application: Spring 2023

All PhD candidates, Postdocs and other temporary scientific employees at any NTNU campuses are welcome to apply for a grant (up to 2000 NOK) to cover expenses related to organizing activities that create opportunities for PhD students and postdocs to network, learn, and enrich their experience. This time we want to encourage events connected to soft/transversal skills (see below for some examples)! Send your application form by 10th February to post@dion.ntnu.no.

You can have access to the application form via the below link:


We need your feedback on the Mental Health and Awareness Month 2022 events!

DION would like to thank you all for attending any of the events during DION’s Mental Health Awareness Month 2022. We hope you enjoyed the experience!

We would highly appreciate your feedback for the event(s) you attended. It would help us to better understand your expectations and forward them to the next board. The survey takes around 3 minutes to complete. Here is the link to the survey: https://forms.office.com/e/MxCiGUwCek

Everyone who fills out the form by Monday December 19th at 10am will get a chance to win 2 movie tickets!

We hope to see you again soon at future DION events.

2nd NTNU Internationalization Conference

DION would like to invite you to the 2nd NTNU Internationalization Conference that will take place on 6 and 7 December at Gløshaugen campus. One parallel session will be held at NTNU in Ålesund and plenary sessions will be streamed to employees at NTNU in Gjøvik and NTNU in Ålesund.

The conference is for all NTNU employees, newcomers to international cooperation and experienced internationalists, younger and established researchers, leaders at all levels and administrative employees.

DION is co-organizing the plenary session 6: “International researcher careers – how and why to invest in mobility”

You can expect inspiring stories from internationally mobile researchers and practical advice on how to organize your stays abroad.

When: 7th of December at 10.45-12.15

Where: Natural Science Building or Old Electrical Engineering Building, Gløshaugen

Check out the full program here: https://www.ntnu.edu/internationalization-conference/internationalization-conference

Registration deadline: 28th of November