Kriya Yoga meditation in Ålesund

As part of DION’s mental health month initiative, we invite all temporary employees in Ålesund to a free introductory course in Kriya Yoga meditation on Thursday the 10th of November at 11:15 to 12:45. This is a meditative (non-physical) yoga practice that is suitable for everyone, regardless of physical shape.

Kriya Yoga meditation is based on attention and breath: an authentic method from ancient yoga philosophy and tradition. Through the meditation practice, you will experience a state of mental silence,

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Pizza seminar with Forskerforbundet in Ålesund:

We hereby invite all temporary scientific staff at NTNU Ålesund to a seminar about the Nordic model and your rights as an employee. The seminar will give you insight in the unions and more specific the Norwegian Association of researchers (Forskerforbundet) role in Norway and at NTNU. 

The seminar will be offered on Wednesday November 8th at room: Ankeret: Sukkertoppen 
The event starts at 12:00 PM and finish around 1:30 PM. 

Register here:

Survey on Norwegian Language Course

This is an anonymous survey to understand the situation regarding the Norwegian language courses at NTNU: what the current offers are, what are the needs of the temporary scientific staff, and whether or not they are happy with the quality of the offers, and whether the courses are equally accessible to all temporary scientific staff in all three NTNU cities. 

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Survey on problematic situations

DION is interested in your experiences with your supervisors and potential conflicts. This survey is anonymous and aims to gather information about problems and/or conflicts in supervisor relationships between you and your PhD supervisor(s). This is your opportunity to talk about your experiences and give us an opportunity to take it further. This is an important topic for all temporary scientific staff and we hope you will spend 5 minutes to help us gather information about this topic. The idea is that we will present the data in a report, which will help us build a case to push for more supervision related training etc.

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