Visiting the National Museum in Oslo (DION, Gjøvik)

DION Gjøvik would like to invite you to its introductory event on Norwegian Cultural Heritage, as part of the Mental Health and Awareness Month 2022, a visit to the National Museum in Oslo. We will have a full day in Oslo, so it is the opportunity to discover many other spots in the Capital.
You can also skip the National Museum Visit if you wish to do something else, you are free to fill that day in Oslo however you like.
But, if you do register for the visit, we kindly ask you to uphold your registration.

Event Information: 
Date: Saturday November 26th
Place: Oslo + National Museum
Time: From 9AM (departure from Gjøvik) to 9PM (Departure from Oslo)

DION will cover the Museum Entry fee of the First 25 Registered Students, so we will unfortunately have to choose based on the “First arrived, first served” rule. But, you are very much welcome to join even if you’re outside of the first 25 registered. Please use this link to sing up:

Registration Deadline: Sunday 20/11/2022 at Midnight.

Looking forward to seeing you on November 26!