• Important information before a cabin trip

    Our experience during the last years has shown that it might be helpful to list the following things that obviously are not clear to everyone. Please act in a considerate way on your trip and respect the properties of the locals as well as the effort other students have put into our cabins!

    Neighbours & land owners

    On your way to the cabin, you will most likely cross land and areas which are not belonging to our cabins. At some places, you will probably also meet land owners or other locals when leaving the bus and heading for your cabin. Please have in mind that they meet students like you almost every weekend, so even if you are going there only once, your behaviour will be connected to the cabins and will be part of the impression the locals have of the students and the cabin group.

    It should be a matter of course that you ask for permission when parking your car on a farm or close by houses, as well as that you bring your garbage back to town and not leave it in private dustbins!

    Staying at the cabin

    As written above, generations of students have put their effort and sympathy in our cabins and many, many working hours have been spent to build and maintain the cabin network we are proud of today! Respecting their work is one main point you should remember on your trip, but also other facts have to be mentioned for clarification:

    • Use of fire wood
      You will find a wood pile either in front of the cabin or not far from the cabin. Do NOT use this wood for a campfire! It is strongly prohibited to chop down trees in the surroundings since that might give trouble with the landowner! (read more)

    • Misfortune
      No question, when staying at a cabin, undesired things can happen. We won't claim you for any misfortunes as long as you inform us about this as soon as possible after your trip! It is your own responsibility to report damages or accidents to the cabin group. You can do this either by handing in the cabin report or contacting us by e-mail.

    • Cleaning
      We know that many of you are doing a good job here and it is always a pleasure to reach a cabin which is tidy and clean. However, not every group is taking that seriously. Please leave the cabin like you'd like to find it the next time you come there! Take garbage and empty bottles with you back and clean before you leave. (read more)


    The cabins are run by volunteer students, and we ask you to be considerate in your use, minimizing the use of firewood and being honest about the number of members and non-members staying at the cabins, as the income from the booking is vital to maintain the cabins.

    And a few words in the end...

    Cabin poetry

    When arriving at the cabin
    on a cold, dark winter night,
    it is good to find some wood
    and a filled lamp to get some light!

    To give this pleasure back to others,
    you should chop some wood as well.
    At least as much as you used,
    even if the weather is like hell!

    If you want to have campfire,
    have fun and enjoy it, please!
    But don’t use wood from at the cabin,
    search the surroundings for dead trees!

    In the cabin book you can tell others
    what your trip was about.
    Please be careful with the oven!
    Stop the fire when going out!

    Don’t take anything but pictures,
    the cabin report and your waste.
    Clean and set up all mattresses,
    outside the shovel should be placed!