• Koiene - Information in English

    NTNUI (NTNU sportsklubb) has one thing that no other sportsklubb we know of: a net of alltogether 23 small cabins situated all over the area of Trøndelag from the coast to high up in the mountains. These are run on voluntary basis by a group of students, named NTNUI Koiene.

    Information booklet

    An information booklet that is very useful for new cabin users can be found here
    How to rent a koie (little cabin)
    • The cabins can be booked and payed for at Akademikas Book shops at Dragvoll and Gløshaugen.
    • New booking periode starts every Wednesday morning at 08.00 at Akademika Gløshaugen and 09.00 at Akademika Dragvoll. The booking periode lasts from Friday to next Thursday. As most cabins usually will be fullbooked fast, it is recommended to do your reservation from Akademika Gløshaugen.
    • The cabin has to be payed for when the booking takes place. A booking charge of 10kr will be taken in addition pr. booking. There are no opportunities to get a refund, in case of not reaching the cabin or something other.
    • Every member of NTNUI can bring any number of none-members with them. The prices are at most 40kr per night for members and 80kr per night for none-members.
    • NB! We ask the cabin users to be honest when reserving a cabin. Inform about the number of members and none-members! The cabin network is operated by volunteers and we are dependent on the rental fees to be able to maintain this offer.

    • The person booking the cabin must show a proof of NTNUI membership at the website medlem.ntnui.no . The number of persons and companins attending the trip have to be given.
    • Remember to keep the receipts. Bring these with you when collecting the keys at Akademika. Here you will also get the things that have been repaired or reported missing and a paper to note new things.
    • After your return it is very important that you as soon as possible go to the Akademika Book shop where you got the key and deliver back the key and the paper with remarks of defects.
    • NB! The only way to get keys for a cabin is by making a reservation at Akademika Dragvoll or Akademika Gløshaugen. Check the opening hours in advance! Remember to catch the key at Akademika, informations are given on the receipt. The cabin-group can't help you when you're too late!

    Important tings to remember before, during and at the end of the trip
    • Tips & Tricks for a successful trip
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Go to Akademika and buy the map recommended in Koieboka found at koietavla, and buy or lend a compass!
    • The mountain and weather in Norway can be rough and fast changing, that's why it is very important all year around always to bring/wear: good shoes, long trousers, long warm underwear. Your sleeping bag should be for cold weather and a thermos with warm water is also a good thing to bring. For more information on what to bring, read the above mentioned Tips & Tricks page.
    • When you are at the end of your trip please remember to bring all food, garbadge and bottles back. This is important to keep the mice out of the cabins.

    If you have any questions or comments please mail to: koiene-info@ntnui.no