• FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you will find answers to the most common questions regarding the cabins. Questions from which cabin you should rent and how you rent it to what you should bring on your trip and what you will find at the cabin are explained. The following topics are covered:

    Booking a cabin

    Is the cabin available?
    Question: We're a group of students planning to go to Heinfjordstua next weekend, and we're wondering if the cabin is available. We don't mind getting up really early to book the cabin, but how can we know that no one has booked it in advance?
    Answer: You can check this on the page called Ledige koier. Here you can select any dates you like, and get an updated overview.
    Booking in advance?
    Question: We are planning a trip to Fosenkoia next semester, but there is only one weekend everyone can join, so we would like to make sure we get the cabin that weekend. Is there any chance we can book the cabin in advance?
    Answer: Generally this is not possible. Our policy is that no one get to book a cabin in advance unless they have helped us by arranging a Veddugnad throughout the schoolyear. This Veddugnad must have been executed before you get to book a cabin in advance. We would really appreciate it if you are willing to do a veddugnad, as we rely on volunteers to make sure there is wood at the cabins.
    Popularity in 'Wednesday-queue'?
    Question: We will arrange a cabin trip for an outdoor group the last week-end in February. Since we would like to book one of the largest cabins, we are interested in how popular these cabins are and if we have to be at Akademika early on Wednesday?
    Answer: The largest cabins often belong to the first ones booked on Wednesdays, so it might be clever to be there early. Check the Popularity page to be able to evaluate how early in the queue you should be to get the cabin you would like to have.
    Will we be alone at the cabin?
    Question: If I book two persons to a cabin but the cabin has 10 beds, can other people book the remaining 8 beds? Do we have to book for as many persons as there are beds in order to be sure to be alone at the cabin?
    Answer: Correct. When booking a cabin, any surplus beds can be booked by other people. If you want to make sure you don't have to share the cabin with other people you will have to pay for all the sleeping places.
    Which day/night?
    Question: If I book a cabin for saturday, does this mean that we can go to the cabin on saturday and stay until sunday, or that we can go there on friday and stay until saturday night?
    Answer: When you book a cabin a given day, it means that you should arrive on this day, and you can stay until the next day. If you wan't to stay at a cabin from saturday to sunday you book the cabin for saturday, if you will stay from friday to sunday you book the cabin for friday and saturday.
    Unplanned visitors?
    Question: We booked a cabin for 4 persons, but some friends joined us so we ended up being 6 persons at the cabin the whole weekend. We are honest people and want to pay for the extra visitors, can we do this?
    Answer: Yes you can, we appreciate your honesty. We need the rental income to be able to maintain the cabin network, therefore we expect you to be honest about this. You can anytime, even after getting back, go to Akademika and pay for these extra visitors.
    Change the reservation to another cabin?
    Question: We have booked Heinfjordstua this weekend, but noticed that some other people are going there as well. We would really like to be alone, and wonder if we can change the reservation and go to Stakkslettbua instead. Is this possible?
    Answer: Sorry, this is not possible. Booking of a cabin is binding.
    Question: We were going to Stabburet last weekend, but we didn't find the cabin and had to sleep outside. Since we haven't used the cabin we wonder if it is possible to get a refund?
    Answer: If you for some reason aren't able to get to the cabin there is no possibility of a refund.
    Christmas/easter holidays?
    Question: We would really like to book a cabin for new years eve, when can we do this?
    Answer: During christmas, easter and summer you are able to book cabins more than a week in advance, you can for example book a cabin for new years eve before you leave school for your christmas holidays. Detailed information on the exact dates this is possible will be given on our website in advance. You can book a cabin for any day within this period, but you are only allowed to stay for 3 consecutive nights at the same cabin. Please note that Akademika may have limited opening hours during holidays!
    No longer student at NTNU/member of NTNUI
    Question: Hi! As a student at NTNU I enjoyed the cabins very much, and this summer I'm travelling in Norway. I was therefore wondering if I can book a cabin the last weekend in July? And how would this be done?
    Answer: To book a cabin, you have to be a member of NTNUI or "Hyttas Venner" (https://www.facebook.com/hyttasvenner).
    If you are not a member any longer, but you know someone that still live in Trondheim and are members of NTNUI, try asking them to book the cabin for you at Akademika Gløshaugen (be wary of their opening hours during vacation periods). All cabins can be booked this way, and during summer/Christmas you can usually get the cabin you want as there is not so many people using them.(See http://org.ntnu.no/koieneres/alle/ledigekoier.php for a full overview).


    Which cabin should we book?
    Question: Hi, we're going on a cabin trip and could need some help to pick a cabin. We want to leave on friday evening, and return on saturday evening. We would prefer a cabin with some mountains around, and where it doesn't take too long to get to/from the cabin. We don't know yet exactly how many we will be, but do you think you can give us some good advice on where to go?
    Answer: We have several cabins suitable for your needs, it"s hard to recommend just one. We suggest you use our web pages to search for details on each cabin. A schematic overview of travel times, cabin size, terrain etc can be found at Koiematrisa. Detailed information on the cabins is found at Koiene, and a map showing the location of all cabins is found at Oversiktskart. These pages are available both in norwegian and english and contain valuable information.
    Cabins for large groups?
    Question: We're quite a large group planning a cabin trip, so we could really need a large cabin. Do you have any of these?
    Answer: We sure do. The three largest cabins are Holmsåkoia (20 beds), Heinfjordstua (25 beds) and Vekvessætra (20 beds). If some people are willing to sleep on the floor you can fit some more people there as well. The first two mentioned cabins have a sauna, feel free to use it, but respect the safety regulations, we"ve had fires there before and dont't want it again.
    Finding the cabin?
    Question: How do we make sure we find the cabin? Will we get a map handed out when we book the cabin, or are we able to rent a GPS from the cabin group?
    Answer: Detailed explanation on how to get to the cabin is given at Koiene, click on the respective cabin. You will have to buy a map at Akademika, it's quite cheap and you are most likely to get lost without it. The cabin group does not have maps/GPS for rental, but ISU-students may visit the ISU webpage, as they have some for rental.
    Cabins for couples?
    Question: My girlfriend and I figured it would be really nice to go on a cabin trip, just the two of us. Are there any cabins you would consider as being more romantic than others?
    Answer: All the smaller cabins (6 beds or less) can be considered as romantic, there are however differences between them, taste is individual. We suggest you check out the following: Taagaabu, Hognabu, Rindalsløa, Stabburet or Selbukåten.

    At the cabin

    Water? Electricity?
    Question: Do we have to bring our own water to the cabin, or can we find good quality water at the cabin? Does any of the cabins have electricity?
    Answer: All cabins have a water source nearby, either a lake or a small river. This water is perfectly safe to drink, just avoid drinking water from tiny ponds with no circulation. In winter you can melt snow, but it takes a lot of time, so it could be worthwile trying to dig for some liquid water. None of the cabins have electricity.
    Kitchen? Utensils? Cutlery?
    Question: Is the cabin equipped for cooking? Do we need to bring our own cutlery?
    Answer: All cabins have a primus. They are also equipped with cutlery, plates, cups and pretty much everything you will need for simple or advanced cooking. The amount of equipment is adjusted to the size of the cabin. Also check out the Cabin Report for a complete list. Please let us know if something is missing!
    Question: Can we catch fish in the lake nearby the cabin, so that we should bring a fishing rod? Do we have to pay a fee to go fishing?
    Answer: The page Jakt & Fiske gives detailed information on this, but is currently only available in norwegian. See if you are able to interpret what it says or contact us if you have further questions. Generally one has to pay a (usually insignificant) fee for fishing in Norway, but you are not allowed to fish from all cabins, due to various contract agreements. You can fish for free at Sonvasskoia, in the two large lakes closest to the cabin.
    Question: We wonder what snow conditions we may expect at the cabins this weekend, can you please help us? Will we need skis or will we be able to walk to the cabin?
    Answer: This will vary a lot and is hard to answer. In general you will need skis at nearly all cabins from mid-november to the start of may. If you are not sure wether or not there will be snow around the cabin we strongly recommend that you bring skis, for your own good!
    You can get some idea on the amount on snow from the maps on www.senorge.no. You can experience huge amounts of snow in the mountains even if the grass is already green in the city!
    Question: I left my jacket on a cabin trip this weekend. Do you know anyone going to the cabin soon, and can you please have them look for it?
    Answer: On the page Ledige koier you are able to find contact information on people having booked the cabins, so you can contact them yourself. If it's been a while since you lost your jacket you may also contact us, as we from time to time receive stuff that someone has found at the cabin. We keep this for quite some time.

    The cabin group

    Want to join us?
    Question: I would like to join your trips and also assist on doing maintenance at the cabins. Where do I find information on this?
    Answer: Excellent, we appreciate people wanting to assist us! All trips are announced both on our Facebook group and on our webpages. We usually have volunteer work trips (dugnader) during the fall, where we maintain the cabins as well as socializing and having fun. During the winter we normally arrange trips where we don't do any maintenance, however you will need skis for these trips. Everyone joining a dugnad are invited to the Dugnadsfest in late October, it's a legendary party you'd hate to miss out on!
    The cabin group has meetings once a forthnight, mondays at 19.30 at Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen, everyone is free to join these meetings. They can be a good opportunity to get to know the cabins and the people governing them. Please note that the meetings are held in Norwegian.

    Do you have further questions? Contact us!