• Important information before a cabin trip


    Washing up and cleaning

    Clean all dishes and put them back in the rack or cupboard. You will find washing-up liquid at all cabins. Clean table, bench, chairs and floor. Cleaning utensils are also available at the cabin.


    Empty all buckets when leaving and put them upside down on the floor of the cabin. Otherwise, water will freeze to ice in winter time or mice will be trapped in the bucket which is not always as delicate in a bucket meant for drinking water...


    Set the mattresses up when leaving. This to avoid that mice occupy them during the week until the next group arrives.

    Preparing for next group

    Fire wood

    Put some dry wood next to the stove. Chop some small pieces and put those onto the top.


    Place the shovel at the outside of the cabin, this is very important in autumn and winter time! Find a place where the shovel can be seen even if a lot of snow has come.

    Leave the cabin like you'd like to find it the next time you come there.
    Take garbage and empty bottles with you back and clean before you leave.
    Thanks and welcome back again!

    Cabin report & keys

    Fill your observations into the cabin report: if there is something broken, the residual amount of wood and status about the equipment in the cabin. You can find the digital cabin report here . Return the cabin report together with the keys to Akademika as soon as possible after your return to Trondheim. We in the cabin group will so go through the cabin report and send new equipment to the cabin with the next group.