• Stabburet

    Degree of difficulty (read more)
    short walking distance from road, dense birch vegetation near/around cabin

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    Thursday 28. Oct
    Light breeze, 2 m/s
    Friday 29. Oct
    Light breeze, 3 m/s
    Saturday 30. Oct
    Fresh breeze, 9 m/s
    Sunday 31. Oct
    Moderate breeze, 6 m/s

    Cabin description

    Stabburet is a small and quite cosy cabin with two beds and an extra mattress for those who like to sleep on the floor. There is nice landscape with good hiking and skiing possibilities around the cabin, e.g. you could go up Fongen if the weather is good.

    2km northwards you find Ramsjøen which is said to be a good fishing lake. You can get fishing permission from Ivar Flakne, Aunet in Tydal (Phone: 41418459). He can also lend you fishing equipment and a boat. Hunting is also possible around the cabin.

    For a cabin-to-cabin-trip you can good combine those three cabins. If you want to go on a longer trip you can try to reach Sonvasskoia.

    Route description

    NOTE: There is usually snow in this area of Tydalen until late spring and early summer. It has actually been enough snow for skiing into the cabin in June. It is therefore strongly recommended to bring skis or snowshoes when going to this cabin before mid-May, even when Trondheim is totally free of snow (and has been for a while).

    By car you take the RV 705 to Tydal. In summer there is a road which follows the river Lauva, which leaves the main road at Aunet (ca. 1km behind the church before you cross the bridge across Lødølja). It's a pay road and you have to pay for it to Ivar Flakne (Phone: 41418459) in the summer, so call him in advance to make an appointment. In the winter, you don't have to pay, but you still have to call Flakne in advance an make an appointment for him to open the the road for you. In summer you can park your car 800m from the cabin, in winter it's also possible to drive in this road but you have to walk a little bit longer.

    If you came by bus, it's easiest to take the same road (ca 14km). It might be an idea to take your bike with you. If you don't want to carry your skis in winter you should use the road on the other side of the river which passes Holmsåkoia.

    Stabburet is not easy to distinguish from the surroundings, both buildings have a dark colour and are quite small. If the weather is nice you should follow the marches from the end of the road in north-north-east direction to the timberline. The cabin is placed between birches next to Lauvvola on the same height as a small top at Kvammen (862).

    If the weather is bad or if it is dark the cabin is really difficult to find. If you don't have a GPS with you it is easiest to find the power line and pole number 139 (you will find the number in a height of 2-3m at the northern side of the pole, the numbers are increasing in north direction). From here you have to go 400m with a compass course of 109° to find the cabin. There are put up some reflectors at the cabin and in the trees around, make finding the cabin easier in darkness.

    Quite often you will find a scooter track going to Ramsjøhytta. It might be comfortable to follow it but it does not pass Stabburet. There is a sign next to it saying "NTNUI 300m" (also marked with reflectors) and showing the direction.

    Extract from the cabin matrix

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    FACTS Bed
    Year Terrain Bike Summit
    Guitar Waffle
    Stabburet 2 4 1995 T (x) x x/x x -

    Private car Public transport
    Summer Winter Trans
    Summer Winter
    Stabburet 2:30 0:15 2:45 1:30 4:00 bus 2:30 4:00 6:30 4:00 6:30

    Alt. Transport Route via Exit
    Stabburet 1

    Regionbuss 310
    Regionbuss 330
    (Regionbuss 535)
    Trondheim - Stjørdal
    Stjørdal - Selbu - Tydal
    (Selbu - Stugudal)

    Check The Cabin Matrix for more information and comparison with other cabins.


    Summer time: Parking close to the bridge over Lauva.
    To open the toll-road up to the parking, the toll-road is free in the wintertime , call Ivar Flakne (tlf: 41418459).
    Winter time: Parking at Ystersetervollen.