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    Degree of difficulty (read more)
    medium difficult navigation, potentially harsh weather conditions during winter

    Source: yr.no

    Cabin description

    Download PDF map here
    You will enjoy this cabin! It is placed in the valley between Ruten and Melshogna and is the only cabin in a national park. In the cabin book you can read a lot about nice weather but nevertheless you should check the forecast, it might be more reliable.

    The cabin was built in 1966 in a smaller form. From the beginning on it was always well visited. During Easter some when in the 70s there were more people sleeping on Hognabu then on Schultzhytta, even if it was so small. In 1983 it was completely rebuilt. The new bigger version is now one of the warmest and if you don't need too much luxury you will like the interior. You won't find beds or chairs at the cabin, you live, eat and sleep on mattresses on the floor. A solid table is completing the furniture.

    Trips can go to Melshogna, Ruten or Fongen. You can use the hills around the cabin for ski jumping and telemark-skiing. Trips to other cabins (Stabburet, Holmsåkoia and Sonvasskoia) are possible easily. To Stabburet you have to cross the south side of Ruten and stay over the forest. Alternatively you can include a trip up to Ruten, Tronshatten, Fongskaftet or even Fongen.

    You can put the table down to the floor to get space for the fifth mattress, giving sleeping facilities for 5, 6 or even more if you like each other.

    In winter the east side of Melshogna can be used for snow hole digging!

    Read more about Hognabu in the DNT Årbok 2009 (in Norwegian):

    DNT Årbok 2009

    The cabin is equipped with modern gas burners (Optimus Vega).

    Route description

    If you come by car or bus (to Tydal) you should leave the road between Nyvollen and the river Væla. There is a big parking lot. If you come by bus the bus driver knows where to leave to find the student cabin close to Ruten. At the bus stop you find a rest area with swimming possibilities.

    On the trip up to the cabin you have to stay on the west side of the river and you should not come to close. From Vælhølen you can walk towards Ruten. After some flatter passages you have to go up to the place the cabin is - behind a big fir tree. The cabin is situated 100 meters west of the river with only some trees around.

    Another possibility is to start from Gressli. You can follow the path up to Græslihytta and then towards Schultzhytta via Gresslivola. If you reach Sæteråtjerna (there is a cabin there) you have to leave the path and go down to Hognabu. It's recommended to choose this route when the marches are wet!

    A third possibility is to follow the instructions to Stabburet, and drive to approximately where to power cable crosses the road. This is a pay road and you have to pay for it to Ivar Flakne (Phone: 41418459) in the summer, so call him in advance to make an appointment. In the winter, you don't have to pay, but you still have to call Flakne in advance an make an appointment for him to open the the road for you. Note that it is generally not a parking spot here for Koiene. Note also that this can be a quite difficult trip, since you have to climb some mountains and descent down to Hognbabu afterwards. However, it can be a nice place to start for those who wish to hike Hognbabu-Stabburet, and perhaps also via Holmsåkoia.

    Extract from the cabin matrix

    The table may be scrolled sideways.

    FACTS Bed
    Year Terrain Bike Summit
    Guitar Waffle
    Hognabu 6 6 1966 T - x - x x national park

    Private car Public transport
    Summer Winter Trans
    Summer Winter
    Hognabu 2:00 2:30 4:30 2:30 4:30 bus 2:15 2:30 4:45 2:30 4:45

    Alt. Transport Route via Exit
    Hognabu 1

    (Regionsbuss 311)
    Regionbuss 430
    (Regionbuss 535)
    (Trondheim - Stjørdal)
    Trondheim - Stjørdal - Selbu - Tydal
    (Selbu - Stugudal)


    Check The Cabin Matrix for more information and comparison with other cabins.


    Summer and winter time: Big parking place at Nyvollen.