Finding home Workshop for NTNU temporary scientific employees (DION – Trondheim)

“Make yourself at home” is a common expression we often hear when we’re visiting someone’s place. It is an invitation to feel comfortable. It opens up another way of looking at home: home is a feeling we can create in the present moment.

For many migrants, the departure from home results in an admirable effort to rebuild familiarity and comfort in the host country. Our perceptions of home(s) change from one experience to another. Is home a place, a feeling, a person, a language, or a memory? How do we feel belonged again when home sometimes feels like the missing piece of a puzzle?

Welcome to Finding Home workshop, where we share stories and create an atmosphere of home through zine-making. You can make your own personal “zine” with your chosen content. Whether you like writing, drawing, painting, or any other forms for self-expression on paper, zines are low-stakes and welcome creators of all backgrounds and life experiences. You can use the space of a zine to express your feelings about home, your languages, identities, beliefs and memories. At the end of the workshop, you can bring home your handmade zine as a gift for yourself or for someone you hold dear.

This workshop is free for all participants. No prior knowledge or art experience needed. All materials for making zines will be provided. Feel free to bring along photos, letters, poems, magazines, postcards, or any sentimental pieces that you’d like to put in your zine.

Finding Home workshop is a project started by Minh Chau in 2019 and funded with support from Litteraturhuset’s program Litteratur for inkludering. Minh Chau holds an M.A. in English literature and works in the arts and culture sector in Trondheim. Experience of moving to Norway from Vietnam has inspired her to design a space for self-expression and stories about home despite language and cultural differences.

This workshop event is a collaboration between Minh Chau, Litteraturhuset’s program Litteratur for inkludering, and DION.

When: 16. November 2022, 16:00-18:00

Where: Høgskoleringen 3 (P15), floor 5, campus NTNU Gløshaugen

Please use the following link to register your participation:

Finding home Workshop for NTNU temporary scientific employees | Tikkio

Looking forward to seeing many of you!