• Terms of use

    All use of our cabins is at the users own risk. NTNUI Koiene try to maintain a good standard at the cabins as far as possible, but can not take responsibility beyond this. Everyone who rents a NTNUI koie will from the autumn of 2012 have to register a trip coordinator. This decision has been made to better the safety.

    The trip coordinator is responsible that all the participants know and follow our terms of use:

    • All use of our cabins is at the users own risk. NTNUI Koiene try to maintain a good standard at the cabins as far as possible, but cannot take responsibility beyond this.
    • The trip coordinator is responsible that the correct cabin and dates is booked with the correct number of NTNUI-members and non-members. Refund or changing of a reservation is not possible.
    • The trip coordinator must check our webpages for important information regarding the specific cabin and use of the cabins in general.
    • The trip coordinator is responsible that a good map and a compass is brought and that the group knows how to use it to navigate. The group itself is responsible to find the cabin and to respect local regulations regarding hunting/fishing, toll roads and the likes.
    • All the participants must check the weather forecast and possible snow-conditions, and bring required outfit and equipment. The trip coordinator has an overall responsibility for this.
    • All the participants must use the cabin in a way that minimizes the risk of injury to people and damage to cabin, furniture and surroundings. The cabin should be left clean and tidy, and you must follow the instructions given on the cabin report received when booking the cabin. The trip coordinator is responsible for returning the key and cabin report after the trip.
    • • The trip coordinator has the responsibility to report any strange incidents, accidents and almost-accidents to koiene-info@ntnui.no. The Koiegruppe will of course keep the names secret. It is not in the Koiegruppes intention to punish or ridicule people. However, it is extremely important for us to get feedback on these issues to better the safety.
    • Trip coordinators name, email address and phone number will be available on the cabin groups home page from the time of the reservation and until two weeks after the cabin trip

    Before you go on a cabin trip, you should be aware that the cabins have a simple standard, are run by volunteers and are based on trust to the users. We hope you let your behaviour as a user and your expectations to the cabin reflect this.
    We will for example make sure that there is wood at the cabin at all times, but we rely on the users to saw, chop and dry it. If you only find wet wood at the cabin we therefore hope you take your turn with the saw and axe to help future users, instead of complaining to us, as there is nothing we can do about it.

    You can find more information about safety outdoors, equipment needed, how to treat the cabin etc. on the pages FAQ and Tips & Tricks.

    It must be considered that there is no mobile coverage in all cabins, nor on the way to the cabin. If you have to call for help in case of emergency, it is wise to look for places that rises out of the terrain, such as mountain tops.

    Questions and comments regarding the terms of use can be addressed to koiene-info@ntnui.no

    Have a nice trip!