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    Degree of difficulty (read more)
    road to the cabin in summer, potentially harsh weather conditions during winter

    Source: yr.no

    Cabin description

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    We have gotten reports that there might leak smoke from the chimney into the cabin. Be aware of this, and if you experience this, please send an email to koiene-info@ntnui.no where you describe the problem.

    You want great nature, and some nice, high mountains with a great view? A cozy place to stay with lots of charm and rustic atmosphere? Vekvessætra has both, and more!

    The cabin was adopted because it has those great opportunities for outdoor life, and not to forget the cabin itself! During the summer of 2011 the cabin group spent two weeks ++ here, all volunteer work (the great Norwegian tradition of "dugnads"), in able to restore it to its former glory and making it ready for use. Close to half a century of neglect had taken its toll, but now it is fully restored and a considerable addition to our collection of cabins, especially considering the number of beds and the opportunities for trips/hunting/fishing.

    When you get to Vekvessætra you will realise that this is an old building with lots of history. How long it has been around no one really knows, but the year 1821 is carved in to one of the beams of the cabin. The walls are old timber, the roof is covered in peat, and the exterior weatherworn, telling a story of a long life and hard wear, as is fitting on an old building of this type. If you venture inside you will find that the interior is just as charming as the exterior, consisting of a separate bedroom, kitchen/hallway and living room. In the living room you will find a huge table with room for everyone (and all the food you can possibly want), and two beds just perfect for that short rest after a great dinner.

    The kitchen is something unique among the cabins, works like a charm, and is the first thing you will find on entering the cabin. The oven can take all kinds of culinary antics (take it as a challenge), and the interior is old style with a new twist. As for the bedroom, no words can describe the construction adequately, it simply has to be seen!

    As you have probably realised by now, the cabin in it self is amazing (and we are rightly proud), but no one in his or hers right mind would venture here without taking advantage of the great nature on the cabin doorstep. Just bring your hikingshoes/skis and a backpack, and there are mountains ready to be conquered. What about Grythatten (1367 moh), Brattskarven (1578 moh), or Blåøret (1605 moh)? A great view awaits you! If you are fond of fishing, bring your gear, the trouts are lurking in the clear mountain waters. If you want a shorter trip, how about Storhøa (1167 moh)? It is also possible to visit the cabins of Turistforeningen Hevertjønna and Damtjønna.

    Read more about Vekvessætra in NTNUI Klubbavisa KOIESPESIAL 2011 (22MB, in Norwegian):

    NTNUI Klubbavisa Koiespesial 2011

    Route description

    The easy thing to do is to follow the road, which in summer takes you almost within sight of the cabin. There are just a short stretch of road that needs to be walked at the end. To get there you drive E6 south towards Oppdal, leaving E6 at Fagerhaug/Oppdalsporten towards Gamle Kongeveg, and follow the dirt road into the mountains. After a km or so, turn left, straight ahead until you take a sharp turn to the right, going steeply upward, towards Grytdalen. You will get to a toll barrier after just a short while (which accepts credit cards, by the way, although it may take some tries), so you will soon know if you are on the right track.
    Follow this road for quite some time up to the timber line and down into Grytdalen, when you cross a bridge there is approx 1 km left. When you cross the first cattle guard after the bridge, the road immediately after to the right is your destination. Follow this road, the walk ending at the cabin along the road is a short one.

    In winter, just follow the road as far as it goes, and park at the parking lot marked on the map. Then you have to ski for approx 3 km to get to the cabin. An other possibility in winter time is to drive into Gisnadalen (leave the E6 som kilometers before Oppdalsporten). From the end of the winter road, it is about 2 km in flat terrain to walk to the cabin.

    If you prefer public transportation, there are quite a few buses you can use. Get off the bus at Oppdalsporten/Fagerhaug, and follow the same route as for the cars. In summer, a bicycle is recommended, as it is quite a long walk. In winter skis is the main mode of transportation, possible starting points are both Oppdal and Oppdalsporten, but do not underestimate the length of this trip!. Check skisporet.no for information about pre-made tracks, but in general you can not expect to find pre-made tracks to utilize.

    Out for some action? In winter you can also catch a ride with the ski lift in Vangslia, and cross the mountain toward the cabin. It is quite a way, but in your favour is all the meters downhill, and the terrain is just short of amazing. Here you have to pick your own way (you are on your own).

    Extract from the cabin matrix

    The table may be scrolled sideways.

    FACTS Bed
    Year Terrain Bike Summit
    Guitar Waffle
    Vekvessætra 20 24 2011 T x x x/x x x saw bench with 3 seats

    Private car Public transport
    Summer Winter Trans
    Summer Winter
    Vekvessætra* 1:45 0:05 1:50 1:00 2:45 bus 1:45 3:00 4:45 3:00 4:45

    Alt. Transport Route via Exit
    Vekvessætra 1

    Regionbuss 340
    Regionbuss 480

    Tog SJ
    Trondheim - Støren - Røros
    Støren - Berkåk - Oppdal

    Trondheim - Oslo


    Check The Cabin Matrix for more information and comparison with other cabins.


    In summer: Park on the short closed off road after the cattle guard down towards the cabin. The road must not in any circumstances be closed off!
    In winter: At the parking lot at the end of the road.