• Heinfjordstua

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    Saturday 27. Nov
    -6° Light breeze, 2 m/s
    Sunday 28. Nov
    -6° Light breeze, 2 m/s
    Monday 29. Nov
    -7° Light breeze, 3 m/s
    Tuesday 30. Nov
    -4° Light breeze, 2 m/s
    Wednesday 01. Dec
    -5° Light breeze, 2 m/s

    Cabin description

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    N.B: The Canoe at Heinfjordstua is leaking, and cannot be used!

    A relaxing weekend might cause some waste, use the one at Sneisen/Mostadmarka center. A map over the return points can be found here. By the three way intersection (the busicon on our map) follow the road towards Venn for 70 meters, the container is at the right hand side.
    Please keep the neighbours happy - use this one for free,
    it's for everyones best, we're sure you'll agree.
    Errors in waste sorting in private garbage cans may result in a fee.

    Heinfjordstua is situated in a hilly forest area at the north side of Store Draktsjøen. From 1966 on NTHI was renting this cabin from Meråker Brug A/S. They bought it in 1980. Before, it was a place for lumberjacks and horses. Now there are still lumberjacks at the cabin but horses haven't been seen so often... 1987 the earlier stable was altered to a sauna so it could be used again. This sauna burnt down in 2008 and the cabin group worked hard in 2008/2009 to rebuilt it - bigger, warmer and nicer than before! Unfortunately, the sauna burnt down again in Mars 2020. But only a year later, a new sauna was again in place at Heinfjordstua.

    Inside the cabin is place for 25 people around the tables. Guitar music, good food and maybe dance can give nice evenings. There is room for almost everything at Heinfjordstua. You can book the cabin for 25, and people can choose to sleep inside the living room, in the sleeping room or up in the newly built loft.

    But the cabin is not only good for indoor activities. There is a nice swimming place close to the cabin. Draktsjøen is a nice lake with many small islands and bays. Around the cabin you can observe many different birds and also fishing is possible. Maybe you can catch something for the barbecue you have in the evening sun down at the lake?

    Selbukåten-Heinfjordstua is a popular trip which takes you through many marches which can be challenge, especially in autumn.

    NB: We have received some complaints from our cabin-neighbours lately of people borrowing their boats without permission. Please don't do this, as we wish to maintain a good relationship with them.

    Route description

    It is a nice trip to go to Heinfjordstua by bike. You should manage the 35km in some hours if you don't stop to take a bath in Foldsjøen.

    On week days you can take the bus from Trondheim to Selbu (via Selbustrand) which you leave in Sneisen. From there you cross the bridge and turn to the right through a farm. After passing the bridge on the south end of Foldsjøen you turn to the left. Hundred meters later you will find a barrier which you have to pass. Follow the road until the end. From there you can see the cabin on the right hand side. In winter there is normally snow on the last part of the route so it's good to bring skis.

    During weekends there are no busses to Sneisen. Alternatively you can go by bus or train to Hommelvik and take a maxi taxi from there or take it directly from Trondheim.

    Extract from the cabin matrix

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    FACTS Bed
    Year Terrain Bike Summit
    Guitar Waffle
    Heinfjordstua 25 25 1966 F x - -/x x x gas, sauna

    Private car Public transport
    Summer Winter Trans
    Summer Winter
    Heinfjordstua 1:00 0:30 1:30 0:30 1:30 bus 1:00 1:00** 2:00 1:00** 2:00

    Alt. Transport Route via Exit
    Heinfjordstua 1

    Lokalbuss 38
    Skolebuss 385
    Trondheim - Hommelvik
    Hommelvik - Sneisen

    Check The Cabin Matrix for more information and comparison with other cabins.


    Summer and winter time: Parking place in front of the road barrier at Foldsjøen. There is a lot of traffic (wood transport and private cars) on the road all the year. Park in a way that you don't hinder this!