• How to rent a cabin?

    Rent a cabin in 1-2-3
    By renting a cabin you confirm that you have read and agreed on the terms of use.

    1 Finding the cabin you want to go to

    To rent a cabin, you can check which ones are available under Ledige koier. Where they are, you can see on the Oversiktskart and walking distances and other comparative information are listed in The Cabin Matrix. Furthermore, you can find maps, GPS coordinates and other info under Koiene.

    It is recommended to plan your trip with several other cabins as alternative, in case of that the cabin you prefer is already booked earlier in the queue on Wednesday morning.

    2 Regular booking

    Every Wednesday, a new reservation period starts:
    -› 08.00 o'clock at Akademika Bokhandel Gløshaugen
    -› 09.00 o'clock at Akademika Bokhandel Dragvoll

    Each period is valid from Friday in the following week through Thursday two weeks after. The figures below explain which dates that can be booked today (current reservation period) and the dates that can be booked at the opening of the upcoming reservation period:

    Since Akademika Gløshaugen opens first, you should make the reservation here to prevent others book the cabin before you. At Gløshaugen you go to the first desk to the left for reservation.

    Please notice that accommodation in NTNU buildings is prohibited (see rules for use of NTNU areas).

    › Payment and key collection

    The cabin must be paid at the checkout at Akademika at the same time of booking, remember that you have to prove your NTNUI membership by logging on to the NTNUI website! The key to the cabin can be collected maximum two working days prior to the trip, bring your receipt when collecting the key. When booking the cabin, the number of participants and the number of member/non-member has to be stated. Prices for NTNUI-members are kr. 50 per person per day. Non-NTNUI members and members of BIL must pay kr. 100. A fee of kr. 10 is added per cabin-reservation.

    We ask our cabin users to be honest when booking a cabin. Indicate the number of members and the number of non-members! The cabin network is run by volunteers and we rely on the rental income to be able to maintain this offer. Be aware that controls may occur.

    If you end up on your trip with more people than you have booked for (NB! Check if there are beds available before you do so!), it is possible to pay for the extra places after your return. This can be done in the same way as usual reservation of a cabin at Akademika.

    3 On the trip

    For practical tips regarding packing list, necessary equipment, and the stay at the cabin, we recommend you to take a look at the Tips & Tricks. When you book the cabin and get the key, you can also be asked to take with you things that should be brought to the cabin, such as washing-up liquid, lamp glass, freshly laundered towels, primus and more.

    › Wood
    ll cabins have wood stoves. When you get to the cabin, you'll hopefully find dry wood logs and small firewood. Please prepare some wood as well when you leave! The larger wood storrage is prepared by groups every year, organized through the cabin group, read more under Veddugnader. Don't use wood from the wood pile or the stock for a campfire! Use dead wood you find in the surroundings for a campfire.

    Trip coordinator contract

    Everyone who rents a NTNUI cabin has to register a trip coordinator. This decision has been made to better the safety on cabin trips. The contract has to be signed when booking the cabin at Akademika. The trip coordinator is responsible for...

    • The group travels safely with enough clothes and equipment appropriate to the circumstances
    • You know how to use a map and a compass, and you have both with you
    • The key is returned after the trip
    • You are obliged to report any accidents and almost-accidents

    Additional information

    User group and membership
    All NTNUI members, members of Hyttas Venner and members of NTNU BIL can rent cabins. Each member is allowed to bring an unlimited number of non-members.

    Booking in advance
    Booking in advance is only possible if you have performed a veddugnad, cleaning dugnad or painting dugnad.

    Christmas, Easter and Summer period
    During a period around Christmas, Easter and summer, the reservation of cabins is opened for more than a week in advance. Information about booking periods are posted on the koiene website. It is possible to book cabins throughout the period, but with a maximum of three consecutive nights in the same cabin.