The board

DION board 2016/2017

Elected at the DION annual meeting, May 2017:

To contact the DION board, please use post[a]

President Ingvild Firman Fjellså HF-KULT leder[a]
Board member Maria Bårdsen Hesjedal HF-KULT maria.b.hesjedal[a]
Board member Ankit Aggarwal IV-IBM ankit.aggarwal[a]
Board member Enrico Riccardi NV-IK enrico.riccardi[a]
Board member Olena Meleshko VM-INH olena.meleshko[a]
Board member Edgar Lopez IE-IIK edgar.lopez[a]
Board member Alexander Busch IVT-EPT alexander.busch[a]
Board member Ray Pritchard AD-IAP raymond.pritchard[a]

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Administrative support for DION:
Nina Westerlund Støen


AD: Faculty of Architecture and design
MH Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
HF: Faculty of Humanities
IE: Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
IV: Faculty of Engineering
NV: Faculty of Natural Sciences
SU: Faculty of Social and Educational sciences
ØK Faculty of Economics and Management