Our practices is designed to suit both new and experienced Taekwondo practitioners! Just show up at our practices and try them out! If you have practiced Taekwondo before then you may continue with your old belt regardless of which Taekwondo style you have practiced before. You can try the first couple of weeks of practice without joining the club. To train with us, you need SiT and NTNUI memberships that can be purchased at SiT's receptions. In January and August, SiT usually has a try-out period so you can try out the NTNUI sports without paying admission. If you want to try out NTNUI Taekwondo without having a SiT membership later in the semester then there is also no problem! Just send us an e-mail and we can get you one trial session at SiT! After this session you have to buy a SiT membership or pay a one day ticket. If you have a Sit membership (or want to try-out during the try-out period), just pop by a practice session and join, completely without obligations!   :D

NTNUI is mainly for NTNU students and NTNU staff. If you are not a NTNU student or have any connection to NTNU then we unfortunately wont be able to get you admission. If you are a student in Trondheim then we can get you a dispensation so that you are allowed to join the club regardless (you will have to pay the price for externals)!

We look forward to seeing you at practice!


If you want a membership in the club then you must first be a member of NTNUI and SiT. In addition there is a membership fee for the club of 120 NOK per semester. The fee includes insurance and membership in the Norwegian Martial Arts Association! You may attend plenty of practices before you decide to pay!   ;D

Become a member: Membershipregistration

Payment information

Club account: 8601.43.52947
IBAN: NO04 8601 4352 947

PS! Make sure you write who you are and what the payment regards!

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Accident insurance (13-75 years)

Registered club-members within the age of 13-75 are insure through the Norwegian Martial Arts Association's Accident-insurance via Trygg insurance. The accident insurance is a compulsory fee (decided by the federal parliament) in addition to the membership fee for the clubs. Insurance certificates and terms as well as the possibility of extended insurance coverage and notification of damage can be found under Personal Profile in NKF's membership system for the clubs. If you do not have a username or password then contact the member responsible.