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Renting Duddelibu

About Duddelibu
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Rental instructions (norwegian, pr. 24.11.2022)

Duddelibu is the cabin belonging to TSSG. It's located at Selbuhøgda some miles southeast of Trondheim. The cabin can be rented by student groups, scouting groups and other organisations.

Do you want to rent Duddelibu? Contact the Kæbbinbåss by email: duddelibu@tssg.no

Renting prices

Member (TSSG) Member (scouting group) Not member
Per night: 0,- 50,- 75,-
Minimum per weekend: 0,- 600,- 600,-
Minimum per night (weekdays): 0,- 300,- 300,-

The renting price is calculated based on the number of nights stayed on the cabin. Example: Ten non-members rent the cabin for a weekend (two nights). The renting price is then 10 (persons) x 2 (nights) x 75,- (price per non-member) = 1500,-.

Keys can be obtained from the Kæbbinbåss before the renting period. It is to be returned immediately after the trip is completed accompanying a signed status report.

If something is missing or broken before departure, tell the Kæbbinbåss. Rentees are primarily responsible for replacing and compensating, but this will be directly discussed in each case.

Where's the cabin?

The cabin is located at the Height between Hommelvik and Selbustrand. If you go from Hommelvik, drive upwards and past Mostadmark to about 200 meters before the road descends to Selbusjøen. There's a parking lot on the righthand side, here is where you can park. The cabin is across the bog on the righthand side of the road. Go across the bog or follow the gravel path towards some cabins. Especially, there's a rather large cabin which might serve as a landmark. Go past this large cabin and down the hill behind it. Duddelibu is about 40 meters down the hill.

If none of the above made any sense, we have GPS-coordinated: 63° 16.958′ N, 10° 54.283′ Ø

The cabin also has a location on Google Maps

How to get to the Height?

A bus route used to go past the cabin. This is no longer the case as it was closed in 2013, and we're now dependent on car or Taxi.

On school days there's a bus route from Hommelvik to Sneisen (about 8 km north of Duddelibu, "skolerute 385"). From Trondheim it's about 40 km by bicycle. It is possible to cycle from Hommelvik or via Jonsvannet and over to "Bakken".


Here's a list of useful things to pack for a trip to Duddelibu:

Renting calendar for Duddelibu:

"opptatt" means it's not available.