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Swimming camp in Mallorca, Spain
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Norwegian championships in longcourse swimming arranged by NTNUI Swimming
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Sunset during practice
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The NTNUI sprint - our own swim meet
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Normal session
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Swimmers waiting for the signal during a swim meet in Husebybadet
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Warm up moments during a meet in Husebybadet
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NTNUI Sprinten
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Our members showing of traditional swim suits

NTNUI Swimming consists of excercisers and retired national champions, and everything in between! We are here for everybody! Our practices take place at Pirbadet where we have between six and eight lanes, four nights a week. The lanes are divided after skills, from slow lane to fast lane. We do not have any perticular demands for expertise, except that you have to be able to swim 50 metres without any aids. At practice there is always a program made by our coach. Beyond this there is no organising or follow-up. Each semester we arrange two or more crawl-courses, where our members can participate for a little fee. We also arrange courses to become a swim judge, and a lot of social happenings. Beers after friday practices is an old tradition of ours. The same applies for the cabin trip. For more information look through our website.


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