Member registration

Please fill in this form after you have joined NTNUI, as we require a valid membership before you can join our club. After you have completed the form you will also be required to purchase a swimming license from the Norwegian Swimming Assosciation, this licence costs 750NOK and is valid per calendar year.
More information about joining

If the Birthdate field is not supprted in your browser, please enter the date as DD-MM-YYYY
By joining NTNUI-Svømming, you accept our Privacy Notice in addition to NTNUIs. The information in this form is neccessary to have you in the swimming group, and to register you in the norwegian swimming federation. Send a message to our technician if you want to know, change or delete your personal information. This can be done at any time and without reason.
COVID-19: Please see updated guidelines, practical information and news on our facebook group:
You currently have to sign up before each practice.