The Board

This is the board of NTNUI Swimming. Their work is to operate the swimming club and work with the groups best intends in mind. Most of the roles has a low threshold. That way you can enter with zero to no knowledge, and leave with a solid understanding of the boards work, which may lead to you becoming an important aid for norwegian swimming in the future. General questions can be directed to our membership accountable at If you need contact with the entire swimming board, you can reach us through a joint email account Our board consists of the following people:


The leader is responsible for the day-to-day operations in NTNUI Swimming, and works for the groups best interests. He is responsible to arrange board meets evenly, and keep a follow-up on the works of the rest of the board. This is a demanding role which will take a lot of time, and therefore requires lots of motiviation. The leader of the swimming group is also NTNUIs contact person with Pirbaded, as well as the communicator between our group and the NTNUI main board.

Jon Olav Båtbukt


The deputy is the leaders right hand when it comes to the boards work. Here you need to be able to cooperate well with the leader, and handle pressure at times. The deputy is responsible for keeping control over the lane-hours, assisting the leader amd the financial manager, and elsewhere when needed. As a deputy, you are also the groups children's rights accountable.

Financial Manager

Kasserer is in charge og NTNUI Swimmings economy. The financial manager makes sure pass forwards each members payment to the Norwegian Swimming Federation, accept different payments, oversee reimbursement claims, and keep accounts that will be sent to NTNUIs upper board for approval. This duty is overlapping, which means that the old financial manager has to educate the new one, and be of help even after his own duty has ended.

All financial issues can be sent to the financial manager through email.

Diana Ismagilova

Officials coordinator

Øystein Spangelo has been a member of the board of NTNUI Swimming since '99. Østeins time in NTNUI is very impressive, where he has been in positions such as board member, deputy, leader, and today officials coordinator. He's a qualified swimming official for the region, the federation, internationally and as a starter, and officiates international swim meets, such as the European Games, Bergen Swim Festival,the Youth Olympic Games and the European Championships. Evenly he educates new swimming referees from NTNUI and other norwegian clubs, to become reliable officials for the local swimming community. He is a representative in the Sør-Trøndelags regional sports board, and is knighted by NTNUIs upper board.

If you have any questions regarding swimming officiating, you can send him an email.

Øystein Spangelo

Technical Manager

The technical manager is responsible for operation and optimization of the technical aspects with NTNUI Swimming. This role is flexible with regards to how much work one wishes to put in it, which means a lot of the work is done because if initiative. The technical manager is the leader of arranging our swim meet (the NTNUI sprint). He does also manage our website, Facebook page and the membership database. Additionally, he works with the coach to register our swimmers to the local swim meets. Besides that, the technical manager has the responsibility to store some technical equipment, such as stop watches and banners for the group.

If you discover some technical flaws on this website, Facebook etc, or have a suggestion, you can send him an email. If you just wanna work in the technical advances of the group but don't wanna be the leader, take contact by email as well.

Olav Bech Bråten


The coach has the responsibility to write programs, organize different swimming courses and receive entries for the local swim meets. They make a program for each session, and would love both positive and constructive feedback through email.

Event Manager

The event manager's job is to arrange everything of happenings in NTNUI Swimming, such as the cabin trips, swimming camps, competitions and so on.

If you have any questions about the arrangements in NTNUI Swimming, you can send her an email.

Board Member

The «board member» role is a flexible position within the board. Also informally called “potato member”, this position comes in reinforcement to other board members to mitigate their workload.
But making memes is the only contractual responsibility.
Don’t hesitate to come to me at practice, I usually swim in the slow lanes 😊.

Vincent Canaguier

Senior Board Member

Senior board member is for those with experience with the work done by the board. It's an important role for continuity in the board.

Ingunn Espolin Johnson

Membership Accountable

The membership accountable makes sure that the members have a valid license and membership in NTNUI, before they gain access to our sessions.

If you have any questions regarding membership that didn't get answered in FAQ, you could send her an email.

Ola Martin Tiseth Støvneng


The PR role handles all promotion of NTNUI swimming on social media. If you spot them with a camera, do your best pose!

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Marthe Berg Sørensen

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