Here are some of the activities we have in NTNUI Swimming


NTNUI Swimming participates in multiple local swim meets each year. This is a low threshold offer for all swimmers in NTNUI. Keep updated on our Facebook page for information about upcoming local swim meets, but as a memeber you can participate in competitions all over Norway. Usually we only attend local meets, but sometimes we go to bigger events nationally. Follow our Facebook group for information about these as well. Swim meets are fun!

Swim meet in Husebybadet

Cabin trip

The cabin trips are an old and important tradition for the swimming group. They are arranged twice a year, at the start of each semester. The goal is to get to know your teammates, old and new, and maintain the unity in the group. The cabins we use all have a saunas. These are used intensely in between ice bathing and refilling your drink. Else there is hiking, skiing, chopping wood, good food, social interactions, singing and sometimes competitions and play surrounded by beautiful nature. Warm up your vocal cords, bring your good mood and join in!


The Student Games

Bianually, the student games are arranged in different sports, swimming included. Then all the student teams get together, to see whos the best. NTNUI will arrange the student games here in Trondheim. Read more about it here.


The NTNUI Sprint

The NTNUI sprint is our own swim meet, arranged annually at the start of march since '07. Everybody involved with the meet (judges, volunteers, participants etc) are all afterwards welcome to a big party, as thanks for their good effort.

The NTNUI Sprint

Swimming Camps

In 2018 the swimming group went on a swimming camp in Mallorca, Spain. There there was five days of sun, with nine swimming sessions. Between the sessions, alot of time was spent at the beach. The pool was outdoors, olympic size.

Mallorca, Spain

Friday Beers

Beers after practice on friday is an ancient tradition in NTNUI Swimming. After practice we go together and take a laid back, social pint.

Friday Beers

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