Frequently asked questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers, in case there is something you were wondering about. If you can't find your question here, send your question to

How do I join the swimming group?

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1. Join NTNUI

You can join with or without the SiT-training membership:
  1. With SiT-Training: use their webpage
  2. Without: has to be purchased in person at one of SiT's receptions at Gløshaugen (temporarily moved to Nardo), Solsiden or Dragvoll.

2. Fill out our membership form

3. Purchase a swimming license from NSF

We require that all our swimmers have a license from the Norwegian Swimming Association. You can pay for this through us:
  • Amount: 750NOK
  • IBAN-Number: NO76 8601 4352 912
  • Banks name and address: Danske Bank, Søndre Gate 13-15, 7466 Trondheim
  • BIC/SWIFT-address: DABANO22
  • Message/KID: Your full name

4. Await confirmation from our accountant

International bank transfers can take some time, but if you don't hear anything in a week, you can contact the accountant. After you membership has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email (make sure you check your spam folder as well), and you can join our trainings. The registration is valid for the current calendar year, but only with a valid NTNUI-membership. Welcome to the swimming club!

How much does it cost to be a member of NTNUI Swimming?

You need to pay 550kr for the NTNUI membership, and 750kr for the licence from Norways swimming federation. Also, you need to contribute as a volunteer at different events, should it be needed. To participate at swim meets, cabin trips, swimming courses, swimcamps and more also comes at a fee. NTNUI membership has to be purchesed at a sit-senter. Payment info for swimming license is displayed once the application form has been received. If you however missed it you could check payment info in the question below.

Where do I find the payment info?

We usually take payments in form of a direct bank transfer. For everyone with a foreign bank account, that means an international bank transfer, using our banking information:

  • IBAN-Number: NO76 8601 4352 912
  • Banks name and address: Danske Bank, Søndre Gate 13-15, 7466 Trondheim
  • BIC/SWIFT-address: DABANO22
Please mark all payments with your full name in the message field.

Is it possible to do a test practice before signing up?

That is sadly not an option, because Pirbadet demands that every swimmer in NTNUI has paid the license. NTNUI Swimming is open for everybody on every level, as long as you are able to swim.

I have not practised swimming before. How intense are the sessions?

NTNUI Swimming is open for everyone who can swim 50 meters non-stop. The sessions are divided to different levels, with slow lanes, intermediate lanes and fast lanes. Fast and (some) intermediate swimmers in their respected lanes swim a program made by the coach, but this is optional. In the slow lanes those with less experience usually swims, often using only one stroke. Thus you can find the lane that best suits you. Welcome!

Do I have to attend all the practices?

No. You can come as you like.

Where is Pirbadet?

Please use ATBs' own tool for planning the travel to Pirbadet. The bus station is called "Pirbadet."

I have paid the licence. How long do I need to wait untill I can start going on practice?

Registration might take up to a week. We'll activate your member ship as soon the money are in our bank account. If you have waited more than a week please contact our Financial Manager on e-mail.

I have been a member of another Norwegian swimming club until just recently. Do I need to alert about transition?

If another club has paid your license during the last two years, you need to pay the licence and tell us if you don't want to transfer. If it's more than two years ago, you don't need to fill out the transistion form, but pay the licence to us. Should you want to transfer to us, you need to pay the licence to us and send in the transition form. Contact one of the members of the board for signature and approval. They can be found during practices, with green swimming caps labeled STYRET in yellow.

Can you visit Pirbadet outside practice hours?

No, you are only allowed to enter when we have practice. Do you wish to enter Pirbadet outside of the sessions, you need to buy a ticket. Pirbadet have student discounts, if you should want to visit Pirbadet during the day.

How do I unsubscribe from the email list?

To unsubscribe from our mailing list, click the link labeled "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email, and follow the steps.

What equipment do I need?

Check out this page.

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You currently have to sign up before each practice.