Welcome to MSAT - Muslim Student Association Trondheim

About Us

MSAT is a Religious Student Organization at Norwegian University of Science & Technology. A non-profit organization, independent of sectorial, financial and political interests.

Our purpose is to serve at the best interest of students. Our goal being to increase the general awareness about Muslims and Islam of the general population and to provide education.

We aim to achieve our goal by conducting Religious, Social, Cultural, Philanthropic and such activities at NTNU or such available platforms. Through this, we intend to Promote s sense of unity & brotherhood among the Muslim and Non-Muslim students.


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Practical Information

As a new student in Trondheim, you might be always in search of relevant information in thsi wonderful city. We have gathered a few information here on our page. 

If you wonder about anything not mentioned here, please drop us an email given in our Contact Us section

You can find the daily prayer timings for Trondheim on our #Prayer Timings page. You can also download the My Masjid app to receive up-to-date information from Muslim Society Trondheim

The NTNU Gløshaugen campus has a prayer hall which is open for daily prayers at the campus. 

Location: Maze Map NTNU