The name of this organisation shall be Indian Students’ Forum and hereafter will be referred to as ISF

To read the constitution in detail, visit Constitution.

Functions and Objectives of ISF:

1. To promote social and cultural activities among the Indian students, their families and people of Indian lineage residing in Trondheim.

2. To serve as a platform for socio-cultural exchange among Indian students,
Norwegians students and the international student community in Trondheim and also in Norway.

3. To promote ties among Indians residing in Trondheim and former Indian residents in Trondheim.

Annual General Meeting of ISF:

Every year, the Annual General Meeting of ISF is organized in August/September and is open to all members of ISF. Formation of ISF Steering Committee, planning of events for the next year, budget, ledger and any information related to ISF are discussed during the same.