Climate Fresk workshop with pizza (DION – Trondheim)

DION invites all the PhDs, post-docs and temporary scientific staff at NTNU to join a Climate Fresk workshop on Tuesday, October 25, in Trondheim.

Please register using the registration link as there is a limited number of spots available.
REGISTRATION LINK (only accessible with NTNU account, but if you do not have one e.g. you are a visiting researcher, contact us):

Climate change! You hear it everywhere, but do you understand how it works? What is really causing the sea level rise? What is the connection between CO2 emissions and disruption of the water cycle? There is a way to learn about it in 3 hours: Climate Fresk workshop!

During the workshop, we are going to play a collaborative game that brings climate science to the table, literally! The workshop ends with a discussion, where we share thoughts and ideas on the topic. Remember, you don’t need any prior knowledge. You can read more about the workshop here:

We’re going to serve pizza to all participants. You can also register with a friend or a family member!

The deadline for registration is October 24.

REGISTRATION LINK (only accessible with NTNU account, but if you do not have one e.g. you are a visiting researcher, contact us):

Seminar by Tekna and DION for temporary employees at NTNU Gjøvik

Tekna NTNU and DION invite all PhD candidates, postdocs and others with a temporary employment at NTNU to a free seminar on November 24, 15:00–18:00 in K105 in the Kobolt building. We will enlighten you on all the tips and tricks of being employed here at NTNU, the benefits and challenges. The seminar program is as follows:

  • Working in Norway – how does the Norwegian Model work, and why are unions so important here?
  • How to be temporarily employed – does it differ from other employment? What are my rights? Can I negotiate my salary? A representative from Tekna will tell you some of what you need to know about working in Norway in general, and the university sector in specific.
  • DION – who are we and what can we do for you
  • Tekna NTNU – who are we and how can we help you

Simple food will be served at the seminar; and we need to know how many will participate. Please sign up using the below registration link if you have the opportunity to participate:

Seminar for temporary employees at NTNU Gjøvik (

Please feel free to share this invitation with all temporary employees you know.

Looking forwards to seeing you at the seminar!

Autumn Photo Contest

Autumn is in full swing with its coziness, and vivid colors.

To celebrate the beauty of Autumn, DION would like to invite you to the “Autumn Photo Contest”.
Please share with us just ONE photo (taken by you of course!) that captures the essence of Autumn. The winner of this contest will earn a 200 NOK gift card.

To participate, please submit one photo to:

The deadline for submissions is on 1/11/2022.

So, go out, enjoy the outdoors, but don’t forget to take pictures! Best of luck to you all!

Seminars by Tekna and DION

Tekna NTNU and DION are happy to announce three seminars for your faculty on October 10th and 11th in Trondheim (info for Ålesund and Gjøvik below) dealing with aspects of temporarily employment at NTNU. This workshop is relevant for both PhD candidates, post doctors and others with a temporary scientific employment.  

The workshop will deal with working at Norwegian universities compared to other sectors, and give tips and tricks on what to expect when temporarily employed at NTNU. 

Both Tekna NTNU and DION will present how we can help you if you ever run into problems or dilemmas during your time here, and what to be aware of as a temporary employee. 

Light refreshments will be served. 

The workshop is open to all temporary employees at the IV, IE and NV, even if you are not a member of Tekna.

There are a limited number of seats, so please sign up as soon as possible here:

10th of October, 16.00 – 19.00, IV Faculty: 

11th of October, 10.00 – 13.00, IE Faculty:

11th of October, 16.00 – 19.00, NV Faculty:

Or use the following QR code:

More info about the seminars is available on the links.

Ålesund: The last workshop (11th of October at 16.00) will be streamed to Ålesund, and you can gather together in the auditorium Åse (opposite the cantina). Light refreshments will be served. A local Tekna and DION representatives will be present there to watch the seminar with you and answer your questions. Please use the sign up form provided above and specify explicitly that you are in Ålesund. 

Gjøvik: The seminar in Gjøvik will be held at the end of November (preliminary date 24th of November). More information will follow!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

DION Grants Fall 2022

Dear colleagues:

DION is happy to announce a new round of support grants for educational or social activities for our members at NTNU!

All PhD candidates, Postdocs and other temporary scientific employees at any NTNU campuses are eligible to apply for a grant (up to 2000 NOK) to cover expenses related to organizing activities that create opportunities for PhD students and post-docs to network, learn, and enrich their experience. Please note that Master degree students are NOT eligible. 

If there are applicants from Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund, it will be prioritized to grant one to each of the three cities. 

DION will give preference to applications which are targeted towards an open audience. Applications for the exclusive benefit of one department or faculty will still be accepted but applications that are accessible for all DION members will be prioritized. 

If interested, you can apply by filling the attached form and sending it to


Be sure to go through the rules in the application form. 

Deadline for submissions is 20th of September 2022.

We are looking forward to your proposals!