DION board Candidates 2019/2020

Candidates appear in the order we received your application

last updated: 24/04/2019

Requirements to become a candidate:

Be employed at NTNU as a temporary scientific employee (such as PhD student and Post-doc) and have a contract for at least 1 year more.

Send your short application including name, affiliation short bio and motivation (1 page max) to post@dion.ntnu.no preferably in advance of the elections and up to time before the announcement of the candidates during the AGM. Alternatively, contact the board during the AGM before the announcement of the candidates.

At the AGM, candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves. Candidates for board will have 1 minute to present, candidates for president 2 minutes.

If you cannot be physically present at the AGM, you could send a short video (1-2 min max) motivating your election as a board member.

For the president position, Norwegian proficiency is required.

For President:

For DION Board:

Rouzbeh Keihani

PhD Candidate
Department of biological science Ålesund

Bio and Motivation:

My name is Rouzbeh Keihani. I am a 36 year old male who is working as a PhD candidate at the department of biological science Ålesund.
I would like to apply for the position of Board Member with NTNU’s interest organization for PhDs, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees.
I am very much aligned with the goals and focus of your organization and I would like to use my skills and time to help organization with improving work and social related conditions of temporary scientific employees at NTNTU.
I have been a manger for 6 years in two companies and I have experience in chairing meetings and strategic solutions. I
Currently DION has no representive in Aalesund and therefore there is no specific connection between temporary employees in Aalesund and DION in Trondheim. I would like to represent the organization in Aalesund and open the way for further collaboration.

Elodie Besnier

PhD candidate, SU-ISS

Bio and Motivation:

I joined NTNU at the beginning of my PhD in 2018. My research at the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research (CHAIN) focuses primarily on public health interventions and health inequalities in children in low- and middle-income countries. Before joining NTNU, I worked in the policy and advocacy sector for public health and health non-profit organizations in various European countries.

As I was new to both Norway and NTNU, DION was among the first sources of information in English I was pointed to when I started. It has been a valuable support for questions related to my PhD and for opportunities to socialize. This support is absolutely essential for all PhD candidates, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees and especially for those you are new to NTNU. This is the reason why I would like to support DION’s work by applying to join the 2019-2020 board. Should I be given this opportunity, I offer to focus on two areas: visibility and internationalization.

I would aim at continuing to increase DION’s visibility and facilitating the access to the resources DION offers by PhD candidates, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees. This involves exploring new channels of communication towards these staff as well as ensuring the dissemination of DION’s communication evenly across the different faculties and campuses.

Secondly, I would like to help promoting the development of international mobility and research opportunities for PhD candidates, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees by making sure that their needs and interest are taken into account in the implementation of NTNU’s internationalization priority. This involves gathering information that can be feedback to the university but also facilitating access to information regarding international mobility and collaboration opportunities that matches the needs and constrains.

I strongly believe that concrete steps in these two areas would contribute to improve the opportunities and working environment offered to PhD candidates, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees at NTNU and can be achieved within a year mandate. I would be honored to be given the chance support such projects as part of DION board for 2019-2020.

Davit Gigilashvili

PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science Gjøvik

Bio and Motivation:
My name is Davit Gigilashvili. I have served as a DION board member since last year. It has been a very rewarding experience, honor and pleasure to serve the interests of my colleagues from Gjøvik campus and beyond.
Now, when I have more experience, even more ideas and clear vision of what needs to be done for DION members, I would like to ask for your trust and support once again. I have set two primary goals to myself if re-elected: 1. Further increase involvement from all departments in Gjøvik. 2. Make monthly recurring social events for DION members to enable cross-department socialization on campus.
I believe that DION needs a board member on Gjøvik campus to promote DION and organize activities for them that would have been impossible without a board member permanently based in Gjøvik. Gjøvik-based temporary scientific employees need to have their voice heard, and to benefit from being part of the NTNU system.
Thank you!

Lisa Tietze

PhD Candidate
Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

Lisa Tietze is currently a PhD candidate in the NV faculty, Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. She fell in love with Norway when she did her ERASMUS student exchange in Trondheim in 2014/15. Originally, she comes from Germany where she studied Bimolecular Engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt. During that time, she became a part of a fraternity and was elected as a board member. Fraternity life meant being responsible for many different tasks including organization of different activities. Shouldering responsibility has been a big part of Lisa’s life also before studying when she helped out at home, as she has four younger siblings, all of them at least 13 years younger than she is. Besides studying, her main focus is on the sport quidditch. Quidditch has become a substantial part of her life in the past five years, not only as a player. Within the quidditch community, she has filled different roles such as being board member of the German national governing body, coach and referee. This experience helped her to strengthen her skills in team work and decision making. In the past year, she has been a board member of DION.

I enjoy my PhD life in Trondheim a lot. Part of the reason is the good working environment and offers from different entities at NTNU. Norway is known for its friendly work-life balance, embedded social structures and quality of education. For me it is vital to maintain and improve these aspects. One of the organizations working on this is DION. I would like to continue working for DION as a board member to be able to contribute to the always evolving and changing discussions around everything concerning the working environment here at NTNU. I hope I can work on strengthening the stance DION has in the structure of NTNU and therefore gain more impact on the work that is being done. Another important aspect of DION’s work is the advisor role for people with work related problems. I always enjoy helping others, so I would like to stay part of the team that is able to offer help in those situations and hopefully contribute to solving the problem.

Mattia Veroni

PhD candidate
Department of Information Security and Communication Technology

I am a 28yo PhD candidate at the department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK) at NTNU.
I come from Italy and I moved to Norway at the beginning of November 2018.
After 3 years at the Medicine school in Modena (Italy), I realised the Mathematics was what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life, so I got my bachelor degree in Mathematics at the university of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
I got my Master’s degree in Coding theory and Cryptography (Mathematics) in Trento and I had the opportunity to spend 4 years in the great North, so here I am.
I have a 4 years contract as research fellow at NTNU and I am focusing on NIST’s candidates for post-quantum cryptosystems, with a particular focus on Isogeny-based cryptography.

Being a newbie as Norwegian and researcher was not very pleasant. At the beginning I (as any non-Norwegian newcomer) had to face lots of difficulties, some of them related to meeting new people and finding something to do during my free time.
DION has such a broad offer that it is impossible not to find something interesting and funny to do. I joined the random-coffees and the choir for temporary staff. Lots of friends are very happy about the språk-kafe and I was impressed by the amount of activities that are offered by DION, such as Skiing trips and Shuffle-board nights.
I also found DION helpful when it comes to Norwegian regulations, totally different from the Italian ones, for example.
I would like to promote the current activities organised by DION, which are already efficient in connecting temporary staff and creating a safe net against an unknown bureaucracy.
As a newcomer myself, I can provide a fresh point of view on the necessities and the problems that one might face while trying to settle down in a foreign country.
I think that anyone of us can do something to improve his working and living environment, so I hope I will be given the chance to play my part.

Erland Årstøl

Phd candidate
Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

Bio and motivation:

My name is Erland Årstøl, and I’m a PhD candidate working at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. I’m a 28-year-old Norwegian, and I’ve lived here in Trondheim for the last nine years.
Being a temporary employee at NTNU either as a Phd candidate, postdoc or in other positions can be immensely rewarding, but is clearly not without challenges. Having a support network that can help you deal with any issue that may arise is important, particularly for the many international workers at NTNU. Many in academia struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress, and I believe that DION can take an active role in combating these issues. Last year, DION organized a successful event concerning mental health, and I believe that this topic should be a central theme for the organization moving forward. If I’m elected to the board, I will work on organizing events, spreading information and in general making sure that DION does whatever it can to help employees struggling with mental health issues.
Effective communication is crucial to DION being an impactful organization, and I believe that I have something to offer in this regard. Before I started my doctorate, I worked as a freelance journalist, at the regional newspaper Adresseavisen and as the editor of the student newspaper Under Dusken. Hopefully, these experiences will enable me to communicate effectively with temporary employees at NTNU.
I believe that my motivation, background and organizational skills would make me a good board member for DION, and I hope that you will entrust me with this responsibility.

Masab Khalid Annaqeeb

PhD Candidate
Department of Energy and Process Engineering

I am a PhD candidate at the department of Energy and Process Engineering. My background consists of a bachelors in Civil Engineering (Osmania University, India) and a masters in Sustainable Critical Infrastructure (Masdar Institute, United Arab Emirates). At NTNU, my research is involved the Indoor Environment group, wherein I am working to improve simulations of energy related occupant behavior in buildings, in order to optimize building design.
Both my previous academic experiences were accentuated with my involvement in the respective university’s sustainability clubs, as well as being a board member for the college chapter of the Indian Concrete Institute.
As a newcomer to both NTNU and Norway, DION was my first point of contact for providing information and resources regarding temporary employees, as well as serving as the channel for all the social and cultural happenings at NTNU. My motivation for joining the board is twofold.
First, and foremost, is my desire to give back to the community I gained so much from, using the best of my skills and experience as an active member of student organizations to help keep this community thriving. As PhDs ad Postdocs, it is easy to get immersed into our work to the point that we start becoming a bit isolated in our own spheres, and DION provides wonderful mediums to keep that isolation at bay, which is something I would be very interested in boosting.
Secondly, my goal is also to foster more inclusion and diversity in the events conducted through DION. One means of accomplishing this task is collaboration with other organizations, such as the NTNU-based LGBTQ+ network, and groups for people with special needs. DION provides amazing opportunities to connect with different individuals, and this can be improved by making it more accommodating to a more diverse group of people.
Considering my background and motivations, I hope to be a valuable asset to the organization.


Tor Anders Bye

Department of Sociology and Political Science

Bio and motivation:

My name is Tor Anders Bye, and I am currently employed as a PhD-candidate of sociology at the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU. Albeit my doctoral project is centered on digital transformation and the impact that digitalization has on the Norwegian public sphere in the context of democratic participation and deliberation through the use of social networking sites, my professional interests extend much further into the discipline of sociology. Before my doctoral project, I was involved in a number of research projects with attachment to NTNU in the capacity of scientific assistant, as well as actively participating and involved in the enterprise of the Sociology Clinic, an independent co-working space run primarily by sociologists with affiliations to NTNU.
Being a fairly fresh PhD-candidate with great passion for my discipline and contemplating a future career in academia, I am well aware of the perils that come with electing to pursue tenure in any field or discipline. Anyone seeking a career in pursuit of scientific endeavor will face years of temporary employment and adversity in adjusting to ever-changing working conditions with which little to no altercation can be made. Due to such concerns, I regard it as a personal (if not professional) obligation to dedicate some time towards investigating and deliberating on the subject of working conditions for all temporary staff in any respective academic institution to which I am currently affiliated. As your president, I will be committed to forwarding the discussion on core issues that DION is concerned with.

DION 2019 Annual General Meeting & Board Election

All PhD students, post-docs and temporary scientific employees at NTNU are invited to attend DION’s Annual General Meeting!

The AGM is a central place for the temporary academic staff to meet, share experiences and grow stronger as a group!

This year, we held social and work-related events, and had the pleasure to me many of you. Now it is time to tell us what you think DION should be and how it can be improved. You will also learn more about our experiences over the past year. In particular, we will share our findings from a survey about experiences related working conditions at NTNU. So, we hope you will join us for some pizza, and learn more about what DION can offer you, no matter big or small obstacles related to being a PhD or other temporary academic staff.

When: 25 April 2019, 17:00-20:00

Where: R2 Realfagbygget Gløshaugen (Trondheim)

A detailed program of the event will be posted shortly.

Are you interested interested in a leadership position representing around 3000 of your colleagues? The AGM will include an election for a new board for 2019-2020. We encourage all interested PhD candidates, post-docs and temporary scientific employees from across NTNU to consider joining! This is an opportunity influence the work situation of the academic temporary staff, and get insight into how the university works. If you are interested in running for the board, email us at post@dion.ntnu.no or introduce yourself at the meeting. A board position on DION can be credited as up to one month of duty work, or one month extension of the PhD project period; whilst the president receives two months (Forskrift om stipendiater ved NTNU, §2). More details about the board election will be published in the discussion board.

Local event in Gjøvik will be held at the same time.

Pizzas will be served at the meeting for registered attendees.
Register by 19th April 2019 (registration is binding): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-fgRx2vOIlHzBqztfbAKUCruejnn-VJWse30ZWKQ_hLjUQw/viewform
We have a limited amount of food offered, so hurry up with the registration! If you missed the deadline for registration, you’re still welcome to attend the meeting, but food may not be offered.

After the AGM, we will have a beer in the city center to celebrate the new elected board and say goodbye to the old board 🙂 The details will come soon.

Help us to spread the word about this event amongst your colleagues!

All the info about the event will be posted here: https://www.facebook.com/events/409200419858169

Happy Hour (shuffle board) with DION, April 11th

The term of this years DION board is coming to an end. Therefore, we would like you to join us for playing a last round of shuffle board together. We have a table from 18.00 on and a shuffle board table is booked from 18.30-19.30. Playing during that time is on DION. Connect with friends and strangers and enjoy the evening with some play and competition. Work-work also has many board games, if you prefer playing those. Be welcome.

When: 11 April 2019, 18:00-21:00

Where: Work-Work, Munkegata 58

Also follow the event on Facebook:


Stress management – supervision group for PhD Candidates at NTNU Gjøvik

How do you manage stress while working on your PhD?

NTNU in Gjøvik’s local Occupational Health Services arranges group supervision for English speaking PhD Candidates at NTNU in Gjøvik with Linde Borgen/ psychotherapist and stress management coach, Stamina Occupational Health Service.

Being a Research Fellow and working on your PhD can in itself be an arduous and lonely journey. Adjusting to a new culture can make it even harder. Over time stress-related symptoms tend to emerge. In this supervision group we will inquire into our own situation and explore how to manage stress as it shows up mentally, emotionally and in the body.

The group will meet at campus, daytime, 6 x 2 hours at the following dates and times:

  • April 25 and 30 (09.30 – 11.30 AM)
  • May 14 and 28 (09.30 – 11.30 AM)
  • June 11 and 25 (09.30 – 11.30 AM)

Participants: Min 6/ Max 9

There is no participation fee, but binding registration is required.

For binding registration 10th April latest, contact Lise Konow Linnerud (lise.linnerud@ntnu.no)

Feel free to give feedback if you think the sessions are too long or too many – this is the first time, so we may “build the road as we walk”.

Election for the 2019-2020 DION Board! / Still til DION-styret! 

All PhD students, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees are eligible to run for a DION board position! DION Board elections will take place at our 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), 25th April at R2 Realfagbygget (Trondheim). 

The DION Board consists of 5 to 8 members, including DION president, who serve for 12 months (until spring 2020). DION is the only organization at NTNU which represents PhDs and post-docs from across the university. We hold monthly board meetings and discuss wide-ranging questions we receive from PhD students, post-docs, institutes, and the NTNU Board. This is an opportunity influence the work situation of the academic temporary staff, and get insight into how the university works. DION is invited to various university events throughout the year and presents at faculties’ introduction seminars for new PhD students. We therefore strive to have the broadest range of disciplines represented on the board to bring diverse perspectives to our discussions. We also serve as an important social arena, and hold event targeted at different groups throughout year.  

As a compensation for this work, board members receive one month of paid extension of the PhD (or one month paid duty work), and the DION president receives two months.  

What is needed from the candidates: 

  • All candidates must be employed at NTNU as a temporary scientific employee (such as PhD student and Post-doc) and have a contract for at least until spring 2020;  
  • For the president position, Norwegian proficiency is required. 

Send your short application including name, affiliation short bio and motivation (1 page max) to post@dion.ntnu.no if you’d like to join next year’s DION Board preferably in advance of the AGM. Alternatively, contact the board at the beginning of the AGM. You’re welcome to contact us to post@dion.ntnu.no if you have any questions about joining the Board. 

NB: At the AGM, candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves. If you cannot join the AGM, you are still eligible! Send us a short video (1-2 min max) motivating your election as a  board member, or we can read out the application you sent to us for you 🙂 


Nytt DION-styret (Doktorgradsstipendiater interesseorganisasjon ved NTNU) velges på årsmøte 25. April. Alle stipendiater, post-docer og midlertidige vitenskapelige ansatte kan stille! 

DION-styret består av 5 til 8 medlemmer som velges for ett år (fram til våren 2020). DION er den eneste organisasjonen som representerer stipendiater og post-docer på tvers av hele universitetet. Vi holder månedlige styremøter hvor vi tar opp ulike spørsmål og problemstillinger fra stipendiater, post-docer, institutter, fakulteter og NTNU-styret. Vi fungerer også som en sosial arena, og vi holder arrangementer rettet mot ulike grupper stipendiater. 

Send gjerne en e-post til post@dion.ntnu.no for spørsmål eller eller melde ditt kandidatur. 

 Vervet gir nyttig ledererfaring, og innblikk i hvordan universitetet fungerer på ulike nivåer. DION er representert på diverse arrangementer ved universitetet, og presenterer på f.eks. introduksjonsseminarer for stipendiater.  

 Styrevalget blir avholdt på årsmøte 25. april. For å kunne stille til styret må man ha kontrakt fram til våren 2018 eller lenger. Styrevervet gjør det mulig å søke om én måneds forlengelse av stillingen (eller én måneds pliktarbeid) betalt av NTNU, leder vervet gir mulighet for 2-månders forlengelse (Forskrift om stipendiater ved NTNU, §2). Vi streber mot mangfold i styret, og representasjon fra flest mulig fakultet.  

 NB: Du kan fortsatt stille selv om du ikke kan være tilstede på årsmøte. Send informasjon om deg selv (fagområdet, bakgrunn, motivasjon, osv.) sammen med et bilde som kan vises på årsmøtet.