DION logo concept design – Competition guidelines


DION is the interest organisation for doctoral candidates, postdoctoral fellows and other temporary scientific employees at NTNU. The 2017-2018 board of DION (hereafter referred to as the DION board) has decided to modernise the logo of DION. The new logo may be used on the DION website, social media sites, business cards, letterhead, posters, gifts, or anywhere else DION chooses.

The logo competition is intended to be accessible for the greatest number of people as possible. Thus the competition is open for concept designs – including hand drawn sketches, such that digitisation skills are not a prerequisite to submit suggestions.

The winning design will receive 1500kr prize money.

Submission guidelines 

  1. The contest is open from the 14th of February 2018 until the 14th March 2018.
  2. The competition is open to all, however DION board members are ineligible for the prize.
  3. A maximum of 3 submissions per person is acceptable.
  4. Each submission must be sent as a separate pdf or jpg attachment to Raymond.pritchard@ntnu.no with the format Surname_Firstname_1 in a single email.

Logo Design Guidelines 

The existing logo’s use of a warrior figure resembling Olav Tryggvason is considered by the DION Board to be of little relevance to the workings of DION. Furthermore, the existing logo was created at the inception of DION in 1996 and a graphical refresh is now desired for DION, especially now that NTNU is no longer physically constrained to Trondheim (Olav Tryggvason is widely considered to be Trondheim’s founder).

The four letters of DION are a prerequisite in the new logo, either in lowercase or uppercase, and can be stylised in any way including substitution of letters with shapes (such as the “I” in the existing logo) or using characters from other alphabets. The logo will be used in the header of official documents, so a landscape or compact orientation is required (no vertical orientation).

Images of any form are permitted in combination with (or in addition to) the stylisation of the DION logo. The logo should not however, include the existing graphical logo of NTNU.

All submissions should be in black with a white background, but patterns (such as stippling and shading) are permitted. The logo design should ideally have a connection to DION or NTNU in some way, but is not a condition of submission.

Intellectual Property 

Submissions become the sole property of DION, for use as they see fit.

Any future Board of DION shall have the right to adapt, edit, or otherwise use the winning submission in part or in its entirety.

Determination of Winner and Prize 

Shortlisting to the top 5-10 submissions will be performed by the 2017-2018 DION board. Shortlisted submissions will have names removed and will be voted upon through the DION website/social media. After shortlisting, all DION members will be eligible to vote on the winning design. The winning design will be presented at the DION Annual General Meeting in April 2018.

The prize of 1500kr will be in the form of a Visa gift card or similar that can be used for any purchases in the same manner as a regular debit card.