Join us for a hike to Eiktunet! (Gjøvik)

Dion invites all PhDs, Post Docs and temporary scientific staff at NTNU Gjøvik to join a hike to Eiktunet, organized by the culture and welfare group of NTNU employees (members from ID, IDI and the library).

Finally, it is time to meet  your colleagues  from all over campus 


Monday 27th of September at 14:15 


We meet on the lawn outside the Smaragd building 


We will walk together in groups from campus following the route shown on the map below. 

When we arrive at Eiktunet, we will have a snack and something to drink – prepared by Sit cafeteria.  Because of this we need you to register your attendance and your food preferences (if any). 

We haven’t planned any activities at Eiktunet, but feel free to stay for a chat with your colleagues. 

Registration form

Please register within the deadline 16th of September. 

Important information 

  • Please be prepared for all kinds of weather (although we hope for sun, let’s be realistic and be prepared for rain), dress accordingly Remember good shoes, as the walk will take about an hour (one way) and it is uphill most of the time in different terrain (asphalt/gravel road/forest). 
  • We will have to consider the Covid-19 situation, hence, a risk of cancelling if the situation doesn’t allow to go through with it.  

Going back 

You can walk back to campus/city centre, or you can take the bus from Øverby/Eiktunet. (The bus ride takes about 30 min back to campus). We encourage you to use a facemask on the bus. 

Departure from Øverby/Eiktunet with the bus B42: 











Map for the hike