Let’s celebrate summer solstice together (Gjøvik event)!

DION invites all temporary scientific staff and PhD students at NTNU Gjøvik and their families to celebrate summer solstice together!
June 23rd Eiktunet will open the doors for a traditional summerfest. There will be a fire, music, possibly some excursions and other activities, snacks and drinks. Check out more here: https://mjosmuseet.no/kalender/sankthansaften-2021.
Optionally we can do a short hike to Bergstoppen – the highest point in the area. Please register here before the deadline. The deadline for registration is until Thursday, 17th June, 13:00.
The number of tickets is limited! Earlier registrations will be given priority.

Source: mjosmuseet.no

Where: Eiktunet
17:00 – 20:00