Election Procedures for DION 2019/2020

All PhD students, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees are eligible to run for a DION board position! DION Board elections will take place at our 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), 25th April at R2 Realfagbygget (Trondheim). 

The DION Board consists of 5 to 8 members, including DION president, who serve for 12 months (until spring 2020). DION is the only organization at NTNU which represents PhDs and post-docs from across the university. We hold monthly board meetings and discuss wide-ranging questions we receive from PhD students, post-docs, institutes, and the NTNU Board. This is an opportunity influence the work situation of the academic temporary staff, and get insight into how the university works. DION is invited to various university events throughout the year and presents at faculties’ introduction seminars for new PhD students. We therefore strive to have the broadest range of disciplines represented on the board to bring diverse perspectives to our discussions. We also serve as an important social arena, and hold event targeted at different groups throughout year.  

As a compensation for this work, board members receive one month of paid extension of the PhD (or one month paid duty work), and the DION president receives two months.  

What is needed from the candidates: 

  • All candidates must be employed at NTNU as a temporary scientific employee (such as PhD student and Post-doc) and have a contract for at least until spring 2020;  
  • For the president position, Norwegian proficiency is required. 

Election Procedures for DION 2019/2020

The Board election takes place during the Annual General Meeting and opens on April 25th after candidates have presented themselves. Final deadline for voting is same day, April 25th, minimum 60 minutes after opening. Board members are compensated and elected for one year at the time.

Cast your vote in the electronic election system Valg Web: https://innsida.ntnu.no/valg

To be elected: Temporary scientific employees (1 president + up to 7 board members) 

How to become a candidate

Send your short application including name, affiliation short bio and motivation (1 page max) to post@dion.ntnu.no if you’d like to join next year’s DION Board preferably in advance of the AGMand and up to time before the announcement of the candidates during the AGM. Alternatively, contact the board at the beginning of the AGM (before the announcement of the candidates). You’re welcome to contact us to post@dion.ntnu.no if you have any questions about joining the Board. 

At the AGM, candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves. Candidates for board will have 1 minute to present, candidates for president 2 minutes.

If you cannot be physically present at the AGM, you could send a short video (1-2 min max) motivating your election as a board member.

Voting procedures:

You can vote for up to one candidate for president and up to seven for board members.

The voting will be done in accordance in NTNU voting system (Valg Web).

The votes are weighted by dividing the total of Number 1 rankings by 1, the total of Number 2 rankings by 3, the total of Number 3 rankings by 5, the total number of Number 4 rankings by 7, etc.

The total of the weighted numbers of votes determines who is elected as a member.

In case of tie for the position of president or board member, a new round(s) of election is(are) done between those candidates until one gets elected.

According to the DION Statutes (p. 2.4), it is a goal of the organization to achieve a good diversity and gender balance between members of the board if possible.

Candidates (in order of application):

For more information about the candidates please see this page:

Candidates 2019

For President:

contact post@dion.ntnu.no if you would like to be the DION president!

For DION Board:

Rouzbeh Keihani

Elodie Besnier

Davit Gigilashvili

Angelina Penner

Lisa Tietze