Workshop series for PhD-candidates at NTNU

This spring the HR- and HSE-division offers Workspace for Publishing and Outreach.

This workshop series offers a dedicated space to learn and write together. The main aim is to facilitate work on relevant writing products – such as scientific articles, abstracts, presentations, article-based PhD dissertations, outreach blogs and opinion pieces (kronikk) – both with the help of expert input and peer feedback. The series is based on established courses and workshops (such as HFEL8000 Communicating Science in Journals and to the General Public). In order to maximize learning and productivity, each workshop is structured in three parts: expert input on the given topic, a Shut up & Write (Skrivepress) based on the input, and a feedback session on the outcomes of the S&W.

About Workspace for Publishing and Outreach:

  • 7 topics and 14 workshops during spring semester
  • 3 hours workshop, every Tuesday from week 10 to week 24
  • You can work on your own projects in the workshops
  • 30 participants in each session

The workshop lecturer is Hana Gustafsson. The workshops will be held at Akrinn, Kalvskinnet.

See more information and sign up for the workshops here.