About BEST and Trondheim

BEST Trondheim

BEST Trondheim is one of the groups that started BEST in 1989 and we have arranged Summer Courses practically annually since then. Today we count 26 active members and we are managing one of the most productive periods of our history. For the first time we have arranged a Winter Course, while also planning a superb Summer Course :)


Picture of the Nidaros Cathedral
Picture of Geiranger fjord Picture of Bakklandet, the old city

Trondheim is Norway's 4th largest city with a population topping 170 thousand, of which 30 000 are students! The Norwegian University of Science and Technology alone holds 20 000 students.

More information on Trondheim and Norway can be found in our survival guide(PDF document), on the Wikipedia page of course, and also check out the WikiTravel page!