Ingen visninger planlagt (i systemet)


-CVi, Aug 27, 2017

Showings this fall

We will be showing the first episodes of Lain, Steins;Gate and Bakemonogatari in R9 (map: on Wednesday (2017-08-30). Discord is up:
-CVi, Aug 23, 2017

New semester new Anime

We will start off the semester by showing the film "Koe No Katachi" (or "A Silent Voice") today (2017-08-23) at 19:30 in KJL5.

From next Wednesday, we will be watching anime series. The poll can be accessed here: Please only vote once.
-Kishin, Jan 31, 2017

Relocation for the next three weeks

We wil be in room R5 instead of R9 the next three weeks, and we may have to delay the start fifteen minutes (to 19.45) based on whether there are people using the room.

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