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-Kishin, Aug 23, 2016

Fall 2016

Hello all.

It is time for the program to start up again for this semester. We will start by showing the movie compilation Memories this Wednesday (the 24th of August), at 19:30 in KJL 5 as usual.

After the movie we will vote for this semester's program, but with a twist: Series already seen by more than half the people present will be disqualified from the vote, because we want people to explore new series, not stay safely within their box of comfort.

The candidates will be listed after the movie.
-Kishin, Jan 15, 2016

Program, Spring 2016

The program for spring 2016 will be the following series:
- Higurashi (second season)
- Princess Tutu
- Arakawa under the Bridge
- Aria the Animation

It will be every Wednesday in KJL5 at 19.30, as usual.
-Kishin, Aug 10, 2015

Fall 2015

This year we will be showing:

Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Welcome to the NHK
Higurashi: When they Cry

We will also be showing the movie Millennium Actress at Wednesday 19th of August, and after that the ordinary program starts.

We will mostly be in KJL5 at 19:30, but I have set up KJL2 as a backup in case it is already booked.

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