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  • Change in practice hours, Friday–>Thursday


    Fra og med uke 36 (31. august) vil ABC treningen på fredager flyttes til torsdag kl 1700-1830, de som er registrert på denne blir også flyttet over. Dette fordi det skal bli teknikktreninger på fredager 1600-1730 fremover. Første mann til mølla hver uke, 9 plasser.
    Beklager om dette er ubeleilig for dere som flyttes.

    From week 36 (August 31th), the ABC practice on Fridays will be moved to Thursdays 1700-1830, as will those registered at this practice.
    This is because there will be a technique practice on Fridays 1600-1730 from now on. First-come, first-served every week, 9 spots.
    We are sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.



    It seems we have run into some technical difficulties with the setup of a new homepage, hence the registration will be done at the existing page.

    Registration prosess:

    This semesters practices will start tomorrow.
    You will have to register for ONE practice at this page, continue to "reserve practice" in the top menu (the tab will not be visible until 12am.) and choose the time you prefer. Then fill in whats necessary.
    You don't need an account at our homepage before registration, you will be given an account after the registration of a practice.

    You have to be a member at SIT and NTNUI to join our club. (Have a SIT training card with valid NTNUI sticker)
    The registration is free.
    Be quick to register, or it might be no places left.

    Some info on how the practices work, see practice info here:http://org.ntnu.no/squash/?p=2654


    Registration info, fall 2015

    Some more info on the registration:

    The registration will start at 12am Sunday 23Aug.

    The registration process will be easy to understand once you are at the webpage (I've heard), I think it will be something like this:
    1. Go to http://org.ntnu.no/squash/ (this webpage will be different from today, new design!! (20/8))
    2. Create an account (free, but you have to be a NTNUI and SIT member to play)
    3. Choose the practice you want to join.

    Follow this link: http://org.ntnu.no/squash/?p=2654, to read about the practice system. It will be pretty much the same this year.

    I am sorry for the not-so-accurate information, the thing is we are renewing our webpage, hopefully things will go smooth.

    Just follow the link in "1" at 12am Sunday 23Aug.

    Have one eye fixed on this page, changes MAY occur.

    -See u

    End of semester, spring 2015


    We are closing in on summer, and that means ordinary practices are soon no more.
    The last ordinary practice will be Sunday 10th of May.
    The final ladder-practice will be Wednesday 6th of May.

    In the 3 weeks following the 10th, there will be exam-practices on A/B/C level. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday times 1930-2100. Weeks 20-21-22 that is.

    -Paal G Skovdahl

    Closed court monday 16/2.


    På mandag 16. februar vil bane 3 være stengt pga reperasjonsarbeid, og tørkende lim. Dette kan medføre mer ventetid ved full trening da vi kun har 2 baner.

    Court 3 is closed monday 16. of February due to some fixing. This means two courts available, not 3, and can cause longer waiting between matches if the practice is full.