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    Closed courts week 17.

    Due to court maintenance, there will be no practices week 17 (this week: 21.04-27.04).

    We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    NTNUI squash: Practice-registration spring 2014 info

    Happy new year!

    This information will be given in english.
    • Info about important dates and how to register for trainings will come first.
    • Info about the practice-system, including steeling places, will come at the end of this message.


    This semesters practices will start week 3, with first practice Monday 20th January. You will have to register for one training at our homepage under "reserve practice": http://org.ntnu.no/squash/?page_id=288.
    About reserving a practice:
    • You have to be a member at SIT training to join our club. (Have a SIT training card)
    • The registration is free.
    • You don't need an account at our homepage before registration, you will be given an account after the registration of a practice.
    • The registration opens WEDNESDAY 15th JANUARY at 1200 o'clock, be quick to register, or it might be no places left.
    • Ordinary practices: These are the practices open for registration.
      • Levels A,B,C where C is beginner and A is for experienced players.
      • 3 courses, at Dragvoll sport center.
      • 12 spots open for registration each practice, but no more than 10 players to attend. About weekly practiceregistration and stealing:
        • If you register for a practice, you will get an account at the homepage and with it the opportunity to log in. After login, you can press "practice" and select the different practices by pressing "status". Once selected your own practice, you can choose if you are to attend or not attend it (the choice will be reset every week after practice), the first 10 players who chooses "attending" will be signed for the practice.
        • You can sign up for you own practice all week.
        • You can join other practices by stealing: If there are spots available on a practice that will start within 2 days, all members of NTNUI squash can steal one of the spots on that practice. You simply select the practice of interest, and then press one of the  "take spot"'s.
      • Important: There are no instructors guiding you on an ordinary practice - those who attend play against each other. This means that you don't show up with a buddy and play with him the whole practice, but you play against different players throughout the practice.
    • The ladder:
      • Not open for registration under "reserve practice"
      • Competitive practice
      • Max 12 people to attend each week
      • Only stealing on this practice, opens 3 days in advance.
      • The funniest practice!! (if you ask me..)
      • Info at : http://org.ntnu.no/squash/?page_id=2220
    • Thechnique:
      • New this semester
      • Focus on drills to improve your game
      • Only stealing on this practice, opens 3 days in advance.
      • More info may come...
    Remember to register wednesday 15/1! :)
    -Paal G Skovdahl

    New practice hours during december.


    New practicehours during december (after today, sunday 1th):

    Tuesday 2030-2200
    Wednesday 2030-2200
    Thursday 2030-2200
    Still up to 10 attendings each practice.
    Open for everyone (ABC level).
    Those who are quickest to sign up will get the spot. Registration opens 4 days before the pracice is held.
    Because of exams there will be some exceptions: 18. and 19. december: training from 1830-2000, only the two courses farthest from the door--> max 7 players.

    NTNUI Squash Tournament!

    Hei alle sammen!

    Lørdag 16.november vil det bli arrangert klubbmesterskap for NTNUI Squash!

    Arrangementet vil finne sted på Dragvoll fra klokken 10-16.

    Turneringsformen vil være en litt annen enn det som er vanlig i squashturneringer.

    Denne gangen vil vi prøve et oppsett som kalles Swiss Ladder. Swiss ladder fungerer på den måten at en spiller mot andre spillere på sitt eget nivå. Vinner man kampen rykker man opp på tabellen, taper man rykker man ned. Man spiller alltid mot personen som ligger over/under seg selv. Tabellen oppdateres etter hver runde som spilles. Hver kamp vil bestå av to sett der også poengforskjellen spiller en rolle. Det lønner seg altså å vinne med så stor margin som mulig så her må konsentrasjonen være på topp! Antall runder som spilles før en vinner kåres avhenger av antall påmeldte spillere. Alle spillerne vil uansett spille like mange kamper.

    Høres dette ut som noe for deg? Da må du gjøre to ting:

    1. Send en e-post til fredrlie@stud.ntnu.no med ditt fulle navn.

    2. Overfør 100 kr til kontonummer 8601.43.52904, merk betalingen med klubbmesterskap 2013 + fullt navn.

    NB! Bindende påmelding, betalingsfrist 13.november!

    Håper så mange som mulig har lyst til å være med!


    Hello everyone !

    We are very pleased to invite you to the NTNUI Squash Tournament 2013!

    The championship will take place at Dragvoll on Saturday the 16th of November from 10.00-16.00.

    The tournament system will be a little different than what is common in squash tournaments.

    This time we will try a system called Swiss Ladder . Swiss ladder is a system where the players play against others at their own level (after the first round). After winning a match you move up on the ladder, if you lose you move down. You always play against the person who is over/under yourself . The table is updated after each round played . Each match will consist of two sets where the achieved points play a role. It is important to win by as many points as possible so the concentration must be on top all the way! Number of rounds played until a winner is chosen depends on the number of registered players. All players will play the same number of matches.

    Does this sound like something for you? Then you have to do two things :

    1. Send an e-mail to fredrlie@stud.ntnu.no with your full name.

    2. Transfer 100 kr to bank account number: 8601.43.52904 , mark your payment with ”klubbmesterskap 2013 + full name” .

    NB ! Binding registration , payment deadline 13th of November !

    Hope to see you there!

    Racket Party!

    Soon, the annual Racket Party will be held Friday 8th November at Studenterhytta, together with NTNUI tennis and badminton. This is going to be a killer party that includes a three-course dinner, a lot of good drinks, entertainment, music, competitions between the groups and legendary afterparties in the dormitories. This is something you shouldn't miss out on!

    Some general info:

    - Price: 430 kr – must be paid within 6th October.
    - There will be a bus leaving from Realfagsbygget/Hovedbygget at Gløshaugen 17:15 sharp. Don’t be late.
    - Dresscode: Student gala, sleeping bag and a good mood.
    - (alcohol is not allowed to be brought, drinks and beers are sold at Studenterhytta until 02.00)

    Sign up at http://org.ntnu.no/tennisgr/racketfest.php within the deadline 6th October.

    Want more info? Visit the Facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/732400220120367/

    Still not convinced? Check out the promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODj8N2lGEDo&feature=youtu.be