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    We need to do some volunteer work next week. Check out the spreadsheet to see if you have been selected.
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    Remember to fill the form by the end of today to keep your membership!


    IMPORTANT; NEW DEADLINE (registration of members)

    IMPORTANT; NEW DEADLINE and reminder for the registration of members-form.
    (If you have already filled the form, ignore this message)
    Due to a new deadline from the main board, we need you to fill out the form by Tuesday 19th of April. 
    Also: we have some responsibility regarding volunteer work week 17 (25thApr-1th May), we will randomly select the volunteers. More info after the deadline of the memberregistration.

    [IMPORTANT] NTNUI SQUASH membership update

    The Norwegian Sports Federation require us to obtain the personal information of all active players in our club.
    Therefore, everyone must fill in the form in the link attached:
    Those who do not register within Sunday 24, April, will have their user account deleted.
    You need not be logged in to fill in the form.
    Regards, the NTNUI Squash board.

    Easter 2016

    There will be no Ladder during week 12. (the easter week).

    Happy easter!