Did you know...

... that a silicon wafer is quite crispy, but probably not very tasty?

This website is a result of a project in the course "TFY4850 - Interdisciplinary Teamwork" at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The site was made for and by students with technical understanding for physics and solar cells. It gives a basic and an advanced understanding of how solar cells works, their limitations and how to improve the efficiency. The main goal for this website was to support an already existing course,"UNIK4450 - Solar cells", at an other university graduate center in Norway, UNIK. The authors of this page have tried to explain the physics of solar cell on a fairly advanced level. The readers are presumed to be students or others with an interest in solar cells and with a solid background with physics and some electronics.

Solar cells have been predicted to be one of the greatest energy sources in the future, because solar energy is renewable and the cells are emission-free. But at the moment, the efficiency is too low and the manufacturing costs are too high. There is a lot of research going on, but if solar cells are going to fulfill their prophecies it needs much more research and maybe other types of technology. Maybe you will be a part of this energy revolution?

At this page you will find some quizzes, where all the answers can be found under one of the topics located in the margin at the left. You will also find some animations where we have tried to demonstrate how solar cells works. Under references there are several java applets where you can increase your understanding of the topic.

When this is said, we hope that you as a reader will make use of the website and that you will learn something. The authors will wish you good luck exploring our website.